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1st Grade vs Sydney University - Round 10 - Day 2 - 2015/16

After having a slow week as described by our fearless leader, I was very keen to take the remaining points on offer against the strengthened batting line-up of Sydney Uni after we humbled them on the first day. 

Dan Smith looked forward to the evening where he could "Netflix and Chill" with the recent bachelor 

The groundsman must have found some extra funds in the coffers at Syd Uni and was able to purchase a new mower that could cut down to 1mm compared to the 5mm he left on there on the first week. A reverse on what we saw at Easts.

We got the game underway and the pace of the batting did not get out of 1st gear. The much missed Tjaard Tait was particularly impressed with the ‘Dents’ batting and is contemplating returning the Sydney to play for them if this type of batting behaviour continues. 

Cowen was the only batsmen to get a few shots away much to the dismay of the crowd with shouts of ‘rein it in buddy’ and ‘who do you think you are’ (maybe I imagined these shouts not sure, boring cricket was had all day).

JK who bowled very well for a guy in the brink of a long term relationship and many Messina dates during the week. Rumour has it that he will no longer be participating in any more post game drinks and lunch will comprise of bread sandwiches as he is saving to buy Bae the Range Rover/Country club membership she desperately wants.

Permission granted - James Kennedy was allowed on the field by his Bae and made the most of it 

All the bowlers continued their great lines and length bowling without much luck, always probing and asking questions of the batters. The partnership of Charlie Stobo and Dan Smith is really building and I think buoyed by the fact ‘DS’ doesn’t need to go searching for a girlfriend anymore and can just “Netflix and Chill” with the recent bachelor (too soon??).

Tym also toiled with the ball for no luck always searching for number 3 for the week. 

Tym Crawford continues to provide great support for the opening quicks 

After getting snubbed for a Oscar nomination Wilbur decided not to really participate in the game, rolled his arm over a couple of times but could be heard muttering “it’s not fair” and “it was only a kiss” in between texting his agent at point. Els didn’t take his seat belt off on Saturday. 

So to recap we beat Uni comprehensively on the first day.

After the day’s play JK, after getting the all clear from Bae, and I watched 5s pull off a miraculous victory down the road. What an effort from the boys as they chased down 99 in 15 overs after waiting around all day.

Great effort from new recruit David Spies (can drink aggressively so get around him) and the former Duke for getting his 3rd wicket for the season.

Cam Eccles


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