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1st Grade vs Sydney University - Round 10 - Day 1 - 2015/16

After a couple of days of heavy rain the Stags were greeted at Sydney Uni’s No. 1 ground with lush outfield and a good covering of grass on the wicket that had all the fast bowlers licking their lips.

Charlie Stobo has been in a purple patch of recent times - another 4 wickets in this match 

With the camera crew for “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” looking to start the filming of the new series in the outfield, the Stags began our day with an intense warm up aided by the little pocket rocket Iain “bevans” Beverley.

It’s great to see the club legend looking fit as ever and sharing stories of his ‘Merica exploits. Full twist please. 

Dan Smith, James Kennedy and Tym Crawford assist Stobo with wickets 

We were also buoyed by the fact that Larkin and Cowen were out as the Sixers required them to be fresh for running the drinks later that night. CA could certainly look at sorting this out - professional cricketers not playing cricket. If Pattinson wants to bowl rapid and yell at batsmen then let him. 

Charlie Stobo shows great form in this shot 

Although perhaps I might just be spending too much time with Sparky.

With thigh pad and left leg guard on ready to take down the ‘Dents opening bowling attack, I hear from the messenger that we had actually won the toss and we are bowling. My immediate reaction was to send him back to make sure as there was no possible way our skipper won a toss.

More action shots of Crawford and Stobo. Great seam position! 

To my surprise we were bowling (finally use the double sided coin I’ve been advocating).

What happened next was described as “surreal ” by some pundits (well... one pundit - Steve Colley at 5:45pm). 

Later in the day, author Eccles was equally in great form 

Dan ‘DS’ Smith and Charlie Stobo went straight through their top order; Stobs was particular devastating removing Mail and Max ‘Carters’ Newman by bowling deceptively straight deliveries. 

Unfortunately Charlie was fined 50% of his match fee and possible looming suspension after the match referee deemed his LBW appeals didn’t actually contain any appeal as he just ran down the wicket screaming with one arm aloft “on your bike son, that’s plumb champ” (this may or may not have been a direct quote). 

Head down, WIll Smith makes his mark at the top of the innings 

The rest of the ‘Dents innings is easier to describe with quotes from around the ground.

“Oh was that Carters” (Steve Colley at 10:45am)

“Just 4 more days in Cairns” (Cam Eccles at 9:24am, then every 5-10 mins afterwards)

“I’ve got enough on that” (Tim Ley, moments before Dan Smith swallowed the catch)

“If you didn’t take 4 wickets Charlie, then someone else would have had to take those 4 wickets to bowl them out” (Michael Owen)

Colley has complete faith in the men around him. Yours gents!

Jack Colley receives some attention from Marcus as the boys leave the field 

Crawford gets one to fly - and Richtor does the rest 

Anyway they were bowled out for 69 (dinner for two) in 31.2 overs. Charlie 4, DS 3, Tym Crawford 2 ‘JK’ Kennedy 1.

Plenty of cricket left in the day.

Max Newman takes one above his head 

After a quick lunch break where Charlie told us how he is a “global influence” as he is being followed on Instagram by a friend of an uncle’s cousin that lives in a small igloo in the Sahara desert (we get it mate, you’re taking wickets), we went about putting this game to bed. 

After losing the early wicket of Reece Bombas (don’t tell Lenny I bought a jet ski) to a peach of a delivery, Will and myself went about our business of taking the game away from the Students. 

The partnership consisted of some absolutely glorious shots down the ground for 0 runs as the outfield must have grown even longer over the lunchtime interval.

Great report Eccles. And a handy 76 as well. 

The partnership of 113 really set the tone for the rest of the day and set up the later session for the lower order to swing from the hip and gift Sommerville 6 wickets. 

Stags finished the day 9/216, Eccles 76, Will 'Mike Lowrey 57' Smith, Richtor 34.

Bring on day two.

Cam Eccles


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