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1st Grade Report vs UNSW - L/O Round 3

First Grade Uni of NSW Match Report

After a diffcult day on Saturday, Sunday's game away at Village Green was labelled as a 'must-win'; a phrase much loved by many an English Premiership football manager was this time coined by the passionate Eddy Zelma.

(Reece Bombas leads off his skipper against UNSW)

Any overnight rain had not had an effect on the wicket, though it did play a little slow throughout the game, there were runs to be had if batters were willing to apply themselves. By winning the toss Nicho thought he would give us first use of any moisture that there may have been.

The first eight or nine overs passed without much action until Eddy, as pumped and effervescent as ever, induced a swirling, spinning, skied (''.??!!) catch to yours truly. Simply one of the best I have ever taken. Great to see the passion on Eddy's face, which I understand is customary upon getting a wicket.

Though there is a fine line between this celebratory reaction and what I imagine the natural angered response of a 100% heterosexual male to a particularly lewd homosexual advance would be! It scares me just a little bit I have to say, but long may it continue if it means wickets are rolling.

(Brendan McDonald at Village Green)

This breakthrough sparked the efforts to be increased and the pressure raised, and thanks to some disciplined bowling from Jules, Eddy, Nicho, Buzz and Macca, coupled with committed fielding - B.Mac in particular ' led to increased pressure on the students batting and the steady fall of wickets until they found themselves at the precarious position of 8/95.

The spitited running of Murray Creed, who turned an all run four into a two, then a three, then a two again, and with the help of a comical slip mid wicket, led to him being run out by a good throw from Jim Packman, and excellent ten-pin bowling technique from Buzz Casson. Added to two stunning catches from B.Mac and Buzz, meant UNSW could never break the shackles. B.Mac's a stunning one handed effort at wide first slip and Buzz's a great low diving caught and bowled chance, the legality of which was never in doubt''..!

Two spirited 9th and 10th wicket partnerships brought a bit of respectability to the scoreline, but the general feeling was that 156 would be eminently 'getable' on a flattish deck, with one small square boundary, and the other leaving scope for plenty of scurrying between the wickets.

6/157 off the first ball of the 40th over would suggest a comfortable win, the gaining of the bonus point emphasising this. However, the batting was nearly the Staggies downfall for the second time in two days, and there still needs to be much more application shown if we are to reach the standards that were set last year. The top order need to take more responsibility.

(Craig Simmons fields a ball against B-Mac)

Some lusty blows from Simmo, a mature pinch-hitting/nurdling role from Eddy, some crisp drives from Jim and a patient 29 from Jof got us to within touching distance. At 6/113 it could have gone one of two ways. All out for 120 or 6/157. Thankfully the latter eventuality prevailed, and which experienced campaigner took the game beyond UNSW's reach? ' 18-year-old Reece Bombas. Making only his second first-grade appearance, Bomber showed great maturity and calmness in what was a pressure situation. Could there be a more important 16 not out in the context of this season, I doubt it. Credit to Bomber, and also credit to Nicho for some big sixes to top it off and ensure the all-important bonus point was won too.

All in all a great win, and all the more pleasing for me was that the words to the Gordon song came flooding back, as if 2001/02 was just yesterday! A better team song I have yet to hear, and now that the first win has been notched I am willing to bet that not many sides will get the opportunity to prove me wrong.

Up Gordon!



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