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1st Grade Report vs St George - Round 1

First Grade Report Round 1 vs St. George

Momentum is the key in one day cricket, the team that controls the match the longest wins. This rule applied to First Grade's season opener against St George. Gordon got off to a very promising start.

Winning the toss, Matt Nicholson elected to bat. After 15 overs the decision was the correct one, 1-81. Simmons bashing the Dragons opening bowlers and ably supported by James Packman. The Dragon bowlers found something however after this and began to bowl with more control and tighter lines.

(Brett Rosen trying to reach a Nicho bouncer)

Lead by Moey Henriques and Phillip Wells, the Dragon bowlers deservedly picked up wickets as just reward for their effort. Simmons out for 36, Packman 26. The loss of wickets stunted Gordon's flow.

Coupled with excellent fielding the Dragons were able to hook back into the game. There were promising signs from the Stags, starts by our bats but unfortunately starts never eventuated into big scores. John O'Neill Fuller tried hard to build a platform unfortunately the top & middle order couldn't stick around with him to do the business.

(Another Nicho fireball)

Late contributions by Brendon MacDonald and Brett Rosen gave the home side some hope and the team rallied to 201. But for the Killara faithful, 201 is a long way short of the 250+ norms and it was always going to be a difficult proposition to defend.

The Stags bowling performance could be considered par for the course. Neither bad nor above average. Our bowlers tended to mix up some tight bowling with the occasional lose one, and given the Killara track was easy pickings for the Dragons.

At 1 -50 at the 15 over mark the Dragons looked in control and never gave any indication that they were going to be knocked over. The Dragons would be well pleased with their batting performance, Stuart Heaney and Moises Henriques batted with poise and control to steer the visitor's home and didn't look to take any unnecessary risks. In the end all who viewed the match would agree the better team won on the day.

As for Stags we look ahead to next week. Things happen for a reason and we would be stupid to simply write Saturdays performance off based on it being the first game of the season.

(Beau Casson in action during his debut for Gordon)

The players were stung by the loss and the degree of loss. We all agreed that we would not re-visit that type of performance again. The beauty of the First Grade team last season was our ability to bounce back the following week after putting in a stinker. I believe we will do so again next week. We have the formula it's a matter of execution.

Ed Zelma


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