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1st Grade Report vs Randwick-Petersham - Round 14 (Day 2)

1st Grade take 3/1 to claim victory over Randy-Petes

Day 2 of the match in 1st Grade between Gordon and Randwick-Petersham started with the home side in the field defending 324. The Stags would welcome a new 1st Grade player to the ranks with Ben Garratt making his debut. Captain Zelma had organised a special cap presentation for after the match. As tradition has it at Gordon a legend of the game presents a new player with their 1st Grade Cap. In the past players such as Emery, Cant and Falk have had the honour. Today Zelma had excelled and managed to get the Captain of the GPS Team of the Century to Chatswood. The player once known as 'The Prodigy' made the presentation to an awestruck Garratt.

"Jiggy Smut" celebrates his last victory on Australian soil (for this season at least)

Back to the field and Dylan would strike early on collecting an off pole. BMac was introduced and struck in his 1st over with Rosen taking a sharp catch. The game evenly poised with the opposition 2 for 80 odd. During the break Dylan spent 40 minutes on the phone to 20 different people telling them how flat the Chatswood Oval wicket was. Apparently it was much flatter than the week before when our opening bowler could not keep a straight half volley out when facing his 1st ball late in the day.

After the break Hauritz and Mitchell began to build a threatening partnership. The Stags needed a wicket so the Captain tossed the ball to Simmons. As usual Craig "The Postman" Simmons delivered, strangling Mitchell down the leg side with his very 1st ball. Several overs later The Ship struck again with Hauritz caught sharply in the gully. I should mention that Packers took the catch. Apparently James was 'Best on Ground' throughout the day. Well that's what he called himself anyway.

Ed Zelma takes a crucial wicket to set up the victory over Randy-Petes

The game was poised with Randy-Petes at 4-143. But another partnership developed and the Stags were on the back foot. Medcalf was bowling. He had been tight for several overs. But then Medders is always tight I suppose. 2nd Grade had got rid of the pest and he was today tormenting the 1st Grade side. Fortunately for the rest of us Medders gave Dylan someone to talk to. The opposition's number 6 was looking to up the scoring. After hitting 3 consecutive fours he tried to hit a 4th. The ball was skied out to deep mid-wicket. The Prodigy Sam Hinton was at mid-on and took off in chase as though he was on speed. Sammy would have covered 30 odd metres reaching the ball just in time. The Mike Whitney celebration that followed was worth the price of admission itself.

Tea was taken and afterwards Randy-Petes pushed on well towards victory. The Stags needed 5 wickets. The opposition only 75 runs. Zelma made the move. Into the attack came Will 'Jiggy Jiggy' Smith. In his fairwell appearance Wilbur would play a cameo roll with the ball. He would strike with Packers snaring a well hit ball at cover. He would create 2 more chances but both were grassed. 37 now needed. 4 wickets in hand.

Dylan was reintroduced into the attack. The big fast bowler had spent most of the 2nd session off the field. The 36 degree heat had apparently got to him. I believe though he still had plenty more phone calls to make to tell people 'how flat the wicket was' and so needed some extra time.

To his credit Dylan has a massive head heart. When we needed him he stood up. A superb spell in difficult conditions would get us back into the match. He cleaned bowled their number 8 and gave the Stags a great chance of winning.

The boys celebrate the 10th wicket... long into the night

The score now 7 for 306 chasing 324. Cometh the hour cometh the man'.. Captain Zelma was pumped. He strode to the bowling crease. His chest pumped. He was on a mission. The over would be pivotal. An LBW and a bowled and the Stags now needed one. Next over the war-house Connell would crash through the stumps. The Stags had taken 3 for 1 and claimed a memorable victory.

Rod Hokin


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