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1st Grade Report vs Parramatta - Round 7

Round 7 out Old Kings way


The stags travelled to Old Kings confident of claiming back to back wins for the first time this season. The day began well for Gordon with Nicho winning the toss and, after inspecting both the SCG and Old Kings wicket, deciding to bat on what looked like a very good wicket.


Unfortunately Clutch Simmons fell in the first over to a delivery 'that must of nipped back a bit'.


Will Smith and James Packman then steadied the ship before Packers was out to a score that had Mitch singing well into the night. Beau Casson joined Wilbur and the score continued to flow until Beau was dismissed in the 20's from the last ball before lunch.


(Simmons supporting new shades as he makes a mends with his bowling)


3/100 at lunch.


Sam 'what corporate bidders' Hinton joined Wilbur after lunch but the partnership didn't last long with Wilbur falling for a well made 55. Wilbur has adjusted well to Australian wickets and seems to have taken a liking to all aspects of multicultural Australia.


Wickets continued to fall throughout the second session as we failed to adjust to batting on a slow wicket.


However Nicho stood firm giving us all an example of the necessary patience needed to bat on a slow wicket guiding us through to 230 with an invaluable 42 not out.

(Dylan showing good form with the leather)

Would 230 be enough?


In the end it wasn't as Parra past us 6 down, but it wasn't through any fault of the bowlers. Dylan was the pick off the bowlers taking 3 for 37 off 16 threatening overs.


Brendan McDonald took 2 for 56 off 22 controlled overs off leg spin, with Julian Stephenson bowling a dozen tidy overs in a good showing on return from injury.



The stags face Sutherland this weekend and if we want to have any chance of winning we must make over 300 and give our bowlers something to bowl at. One of the batters needs to stand up and make a ton and in the words of our inspirational, extroverted co-captain Zeddy 'I am willing to place my left nut on James 'Nails' Packman'.


Sam Hinton


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