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1st Grade Report vs Mosman - Round 13

kennedyFirst Grade hunt down the Whales

With torrential rain washing out the previous week's play, we came into this one feeling fresh, with high spirits and the right attitude. We weren't perturbed by the early 9.30a.m. start due to 120 overs needing to be bowled in the day.

James "Mantis" Kennedy looking to out-leap the author

Secretly we wanted to bowl, and therefore weren't displeased when James 'Packers' Packman lost the toss and there we were out on the field bowling on what had appeared to be Chatswood's best wicket to date, with a nice tanned finish it looked a belter. We bowled well, with the discipline we had talked about earlier. Wickets fell at a regular rate, with 'DK mode', Dylan Connell, picking up 4 for the innings, really putting in a huge effort for the team. However of these four wickets none came close to matching his superb runout! And this was a crucial one coming right after the break. A ball turned off the batsman's hip for what some might think an easy single. But beware, for despite Dyl's resemblance to a three toed sloth and his high centre of gravity, there is no single there. It was poetry, as with one motion he picked up the ball and threw it in right above the stumps. It also was fortuitous that this was Mosman's top scorer, and he was run out by a bat length.

connellMac (B McDonald), K-Time (J Kennedy) and the Buck (Steve Colley) all picked up wickets. The Whales then made a sporting declaration on 248, with 9 wickets down. A few runs more than they should have, with their 9th batter getting a quick 47 runs off 35. This was later overshadowed, by Iain 'Bevo' Beverley.

Dylan "Father of one" Connell one his way to four Whales' wickets

Gordon's innings started well with an early 100 run partnership between Packers (47) and the Buck (66). These types of partnerships set up good innings, and will always feature in a good run chase. After these two got out it was up to someone else to put their hand up and get the runs on the board. When you're so close to the score, one person is all it takes and it was Bev's innings which this report will try to focus on.

This writer, J.C.( the one recovering from surgery today after the brutal extraction of all 4 wisdom teeth,) came to the crease at 212-8. Bevo was up the other end on 4. There had been 53.2 overs and we needed 36 off 34.

I was thinking that I was lucky I'd done a few extra workouts during the week because my strength training could really pull off here. Managing to nudge the first one for a quick single I was happy to get up the other end and watch the onslaught. We didn't need 34 balls to do it. We did it in 21 balls. Bevo faced 16 and scored 56 off these 16 balls. He hit 6 6's and 4 4's on his way to getting 60 off 37. Funny that. When it looked like we could settle on a draw Bevo put his hand up, stuck his chest out and got us home.

beverleyClassic Beverley.

It was clinical hitting; just plain pure bullying. Where do you bowl it when someone is hitting it this well? Well obviously you don't. Try underarm it's hard to get that away.

Iain "Big Bash" Beverley. Going from strength to strength

What made this finish all the more memorable for me was when Bevo went up to the bowler he had just hit for successive 6's. 'Well bowled mate', he said, being the nice guy he is. The bowler replied with something less friendly.

It was great sleeping with another win under our belts. Up the Stags.

JC Hernandez 


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