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While Cricket Australia now provides coaching certifications to level 1, 2 and 3, the Academy while recognising these qualifications believes it can accredit its coaches to a higher level internally through the direct involvement of Mark O’Neill and Ash Doolan to accredit them to our own Tier 1, 2 and 3 levels.  due to their experience in advising cricketers, Mark and Ash are our Tier 3 coaches and naturally are marketed at a higher rate for their services.

Our Tier 2 coaches are accredited to that level by Mark or Ash after they have shown their coaching skills either though experience or through their individual performance within the Accreditation sessions. Coaches can also be raised to our Tier 2 level through Mark or Ash's quality monitoring of their videoed sessions.

Our Tier 1 coaches are ranked higher within our Academy than Cricket Australia Level 1 coaches due to their understanding of the various techniques held by the Academy under licence with our head coaches.

Instruction received by our Tier 1 coaches in particularly for junior cricketers gives them the basics of the essential tools for taking them to a higher level. Once they have achieved an understanding of our techniques they do not need to change them as they grow into higher level cricketers. They simply need to be refreshed to ensure old habits don’t resume sometimes forced on them by situations in the games they are involved in and good intentioned advice from non-qualified coaches.

The Academy is in the unprecedented position of having coaches who have represented Australia, NSW, NSW 2nds and Gordon First Grade. 


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