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1st Grade Report vs Mosman Day 1 Round 1

1st Grade Report vs Mosman Day 1 Round 1

Already a lot has been made of this season's "court". This ensured urgency around the arrival time at AB. A late protest from Tym Crawford placed Daniel "The Hound" Smith on report for a possible grade two late barrier entry. Hound has no carry over points from last season’s judiciary, however it has been confirmed, Hound and another member of the Gordon Club were involved in the incident.Upon review, the incident has been downgraded to a grade one, given that it was not a dangerous attempt. However the review panel will make its final decision at the conclusion of round 1.

Allan Border Oval is a sensational venue to play cricket at. Given that it was the first round, AB was not up to its usual picturesque quality with a sandy outfield. The square is desperately trying to regrow and the wicket appeared flat and lifeless upon inspection. It was. Our captain, Harry Evans chose to bat and the intentions were laid from the outset, bat 96 overs.

 Reece Bombas attacks the bowling at Allan Border

The Club Coach Ed Howitt is a new addition to 1st grade games. Handling the warm up and 1st session this season, Edward put his stamp on proceedings by testing everyone’s knowledge of the alphabet. Some passed. See you in court B for Bombas. It's hard to compare the warm up to last season’s visit to AB. Look both were very different, but I have to say watching Poysden get an actual egg on his face was special. See you soon Mulcher.

Looking back on the day, out of the three sessions, the first was our poorest. At lunch we finished at 4/65. Cam Eccles and Harry Evans contributed the majority of runs throughout the session. As predicted the wicket was slow and Cam played close attention to playing the ball late. Harry looked in good touch with some excellent cover drives and turning the ball to the leg side when the bowling drifted. We looked certain to go one down into lunch. "Nek minute" Reece Bombas found himself facing a Jason Krejza hat trick ball. Our new number 4 Steve Colley and Reece Bombas took the stags to lunch and it was time to regroup.

With some help of the captain and the number 4, a plan was decided upon in the changing room. Can I say, it was great to watch it get executed. Bombas started the session with the intent to score against the Mosman spin attack. The rest of the guys know just how good Reece can be, especially if you bowl spin in the Chatswood nets. Finally, to see Reece believe it last Saturday was worthwhile.

Steve Colley in action at AB

Obviously his partner in crime, Steve "Buckets" Colley played a larger role than just ticking the scoreboard over. Perhaps Steve has found his new home. Steve and Reece batted the entire middle session, 2 strong hours of a stag fightback, I was so proud of those two guys, digging in when we were in trouble. They added 170 runs for the 5th wicket partnership. An outstanding effort, when at times proving hard to score with the straight bowling and fields set.

It would have been great to see one of the guys go on with their innings, they certainly deserved it. Then a collapse saw Mosman back in the day. It certainly felt we were behind with the score around 8/240 with plenty of overs remaining in the day. Then Tym Crawford took control. An excellent  display of clean hitting and again self-belief. Tym put the Mosman attack under pressure when he dispatched balls to the fence. Finishing with 4 sixes, it was the innings the stags needed. Special mention must go to JK and Anand Verma for the fantastic support roles. They did more than hold up an end, its all about contribution and both exceeded everyone’s expectation, well apart from the Mosman wicketkeeper Ash Doolan who thought Anand should bat 3.

Plenty of positives to take away from the day, however, it really means nothing if we don't turn up next week with the same intent. Yeah look 333 is a terrific score although if we got it so can Mosman. They have some dangerous players in the middle order and the stags should be on notice, we need to bowl and field well.

Tym Crawford set AB alight on Saturday

I would finally like to thank Mark O'Neill for the work he has put in with the batters over the pre season period. You could count the number of times the stags scored 300 last season on 2 or 3 fingers. It was noticeable how high (sometimes extremely high) elbows were so on behalf of the player’s thank you Voldermort. Your dark magic is always welcome.

Iain Beverley

Mixed Day as a Lot of Rust is Cleared Out of the System

Mixed Day as a Lot of Rust is Cleared Out of the System

Tjaard Tait scored his maiden century for the club, well supported by Adam Cubbage and Andrew Crosland in 3rds, Reece Bombas, Steve Colley and Tym Crawford played great digs in 1sts while Axel Cahlin showed his immense promise with a great half century in 2nds.  However, a lot of work is needed next week for the Stags to kick the season off in the right fashion.

Tjaard Tait during his 105 not out at Killara

First Grade

Harry Evans won the toss and batted first on a good Allan Border wicket.  Following the loss of a wicket, Cam Eccles and Harry Evans added 58 before the latter was dismissed.  Another two wickets fell immediately and the Stags were in real trouble at 4-65.  At this point, Steve Colley and Reece Bombas came together and they batted superbly, adding 170 for the 5th wicket.  Both of them looked in great touch and the game turned around completely.  Unfortunately, once again Gordon lost wickets in a clump with four batsmen dismissed for 19.  Tym Crawford then played a fantastic innings, smashing 66 from only 54 balls with seven 4’s and four 6’s.  With James Kennedy and Anand Verma in support, he was able to add an invaluable 79 for the last two wickets – a great effort!

First Grade scores

Mosman batted for three overs without loss and next week will be an intriguing battle.Gordon 333 (Reece Bombas 77, Steve Colley 76, Tym Crawford 66, Harry Evans 33, Cam Eccles 21) vs Mosman 0-14. 


Second Grade

Gordon won the toss at Chatswood and decided to insert Mosman.  The early Mosman batsmen took advantage of some wayward bowling adding 56 for the opening partnership and moving to 142 in only 24 overs before the loss of the second wicket.  

Jack Skilbeck is greeted by Larry, Moe and Curly at Chatswood

From there, Gordon fought back strongly and wickets fell regularly.  Charlie Stobo was the pick of the bowlers, while Nick McMurray did well to snare 3-46 with his offies.  The Whales were dismissed for 221 – a far cry from what it looked like earlier on.

Kris Colley and Chris Spratt started brightly, adding 35.  However, loose shots resulted in the top order folding.  Kris Colley batted well for 39 but the others did not value their wickets.  The other exception of the early batsmen to this was Axel Cahlin.  Playing his first innings in Seconds, Axel showed maturity far beyond his age, scoring an excellent 64.  With wickets falling all around, he finally found a willing partner in Nick Miller, and they added 53 for the 7th wicket.  Unfortunately, it was not good enough and at their dismissal, the innings folded quickly.  All out 162, and then Mosman added 20 for no loss in their second innings. 

Axel Cahlin during his 64 at Chatswood in his second grade debut

A slightly disappointing day but some early wickets next week and a whole new ball game. 

The photographer at Chatswood will need to be sacked immediately with a hatrick of dismissals. Kris Colley hits a catch to over, Nick McMurray get a low LBW and Reagan Klemt gets yorked)

Second Grade scores

Gordon 162 (Axel Cahlin 64, Kris Colley 39, Nick Miller 18) vs Mosman 221 (Nick McMurray 3-46, Nick Miller 2-32, Charlie Stobo 2-33, Jack Skilbeck 2-57, Scott Burkinshaw 1-49)

Third Grade

Gordon won the toss at Killara and, despite losing an early wicket, English import Tom Colverd, fresh off the plane, and Darren Jayasekera combined for a most important partnership.  Tom was very solid while Darren played most fluently.  Both were dismissed after playing very well and another wicket fell before Tjaard Tait and Andrew Crosland turned the game well and truly into Gordon’s favour.  They put on 99 for the 5th wicket, taking the score to 199.   

English Import Tom Colverd and Darren Jayasekera in action at Killara
Andrew was dismissed for an excellent 56, whereupon new skipper, Adam Cubbage joined Tjaard and the two of them plundered 119.  Adam scored a punishing 75 from only 58 balls, while Tjaard, who had timed the ball right from the beginning (even the pull shot, where he finished holding the handle of the bat while the blade ended up at midwicket, went for 4!), moved to his maiden century for the club.  The final score was 7-341 with Taity 105no.

Well done, Tjaard.  A fantastic start, but the bowling will have to be good next week on a great wicket.

Third Grade scores

Gordon 7-341 (Tjaard tait 105*, Adam Cubbage 75, Andrew Crosland 56, Darren Jayasekera 47, Tom Colverd 20) vs Mosman.

Fourth Grade

Mosman batted first on the usual good Beauchamp wicket.  It didn’t take long for the Stags to strike with Matt Keevers taking two wickets in his third over and Sam Watts taking another. 

Scott O'Brien in action at Beauchamp

An interesting partnership followed where many play and misses were interspersed with crashing boundaries.  The score moved into the seventies before Rob Barker struck a couple of times.  Wickets fell and, at 8-158, Gordon were well on top.  Unfortunately, another 47 were added by the tail and Mosman finished with a total of 205.  The wickets were shared among the bowlers who were perhaps guilty of not putting enough balls in good areas.

Gordon began quite well with Mitch Kleem and Stan Gaynor adding 30.  However, both were dismissed and it was left to Saahil Turki and Sam Watts to see the day through, taking the score to 2-52.

A few cobwebs but basically a satisfactory day.

Fourth Grade Scores

Gordon 2-52 (Saahil Turki 19*, Stan Gaynor 18, Mitch Kleem 14) vs Mosman 205 (Matt Keevers 2-33, Scott O’Brien 2-47, Sam Watts 2-53, Rob Barker 2-60, Iqbal Ahmed 1-3) vs Mosman.

Fifth Grade

Gordon started poorly at Balmoral, losing two quick wickets.  From there, Michael Roberts and Dante Otto set about resurrecting the situation.  The score moved into the sixties but wickets kept falling.  Michael scored a good 32 and Anthony Sherman 43 but the final six wickets fell very quickly (one bowler took all six in nine balls!).  Eventually Gordon were dismissed for 104, a very disappointing total.

Anthony Sherman plays a forward defensive while Michael Rogers and Will Calov tried hard at Balmoral
The Gordon bowlers fought hard and Mosman were 3-62 before a good partnership took them past the Gordon total.  They moved along quite satisfactorily before a flurry of wickets saw them finish at 7-212.

A disappointing day but lot of young guys in the side who will need a little time to get used to grade cricket.  A real fighting effort needed next week.

Fifth Grade scores

Gordon 104 (Anthony Sherman 43, Michael Roberts 32, Dante Otto 16) vs Mosman 7-212 (Anthony Sherman 2-19, Adrian Craig 2-23, Matt Keane 2-35, Matt Todd 1-35). 

The Wrap Master 

This season the legendary Gordon over 90's player Michael Falk (Wrapmaster (2) has agreed to put the wrap together with some help from each teams match report writers. He will be assisted by strategically placed photographers at each ground hiding behind trees and Pavilions. 

The Wrapmaster (2) "in action" at Beauchamp
Gordon Cricket Academy Goes Public

Gordon Cricket Academy Goes Public

Coaching now available to all cricketers.

In a major development for the club after 12 years of providing coaching to various high performance squads with the Gordon District Cricket Club (GDCC), the club is now making the same coaching services available to all cricketers.

Mark O'Neill Head Coach

To ensure the highest level of coaching is available to all cricketers, the GDCC have contracted our Head Coach Mark O’Neill to allow us to utilise his widely acclaimed batting and spin bowling coaching techniques for all sessions or programs set up by the new Academy. To achieve this Mark has licensed his techniques to the Academy and has set up an accreditation program where each of our Academy coaches are accredited by Mark to teach his techniques to our own Tier 1, 2 and 3 levels. Mark is the personal coach today of several Australian Test cricketers and his experience includes being contracted batting coach to New Zealand, Middlesex, Western Australia, New South Wales and as a high performance squad coach to Cricket Australia.

The philosophy of Mark’s batting technique in particular has always been that the skills taught to the junior cricketer should be the same as taught to a Test Cricketer. The concepts of grip, balance and execution in batting should be same and while natural ability and capability to adapt will always differ, the Academy Tier 1, 2 or 3 level coaches can provide you with the skills background irrespective of your age and existing abilities. Mark has also added his vast knowledge of spin bowling to the accreditation system to enable our spinning coaches.

Matt Nicholson

In addition former Australian, NSW and English County fast bowler Matt Nicholson has documented his fast bowling techniques and has passed on these skills within our accreditation program to our fast bowling specialist coaches at Tier 1 and 2 levels.

Our first grade wicket keeper Iain Beverley is also available on the coaching panel for expert wicket keeping technique sessions.

Based on various availabilities the new Academy now has 25 qualified coaches contracted to deliver the range of Academy services.

The services range from an hour session with a nominated coach at a venue of your choice either as an individual or in a group of two or more players at the session. The Academy pricing is geared to make the coaching cheaper by grouping players but still giving them a high level of individual coverage by them watching and listening to their fellow players as they are coached.

In addition the Academy will configure a team coaching service and group skills sessions for higher numbers of players. Specific fielding sessions with a qualified fielding coach and holiday camps are also being planned for the next available holidays.

Fitness training

As an additional value added service, the Academy have contracted two qualified personal trainers who are both current or former Gordon cricketers who will be available to provide personal strength and conditioning sessions for individuals or groups. The techniques used by these trainers have been established as specific techniques for developing each type of cricketer with different methods for batsman, fast bowlers, spinners and keepers.

The Academy will use the Mt. Kuring-gai Action Indoor centre as our base indoor facility, however our coaches are happy to work outdoor or at other centres that are closer to the player or group of players. Very importantly this also includes the central coast where we have established arrangements with several indoor centres.

The Academy coaches, list of services, pricing, bookings, contacts and payment  are described within the various sub-sections of this site.

Added service (video)

As a value added service for Academy sessions. For each individual or small group one hour indoor sessions, the Academy coach will record the session via a specific purpose video camera. Players will be asked to bring along a memory stick to take home the recording. The Academy also has play back screens that will be used to show players the result of the recording to better explain any improvements or show where improvements have been gained. 

The goals of the Academy are to provide all of its clients irrespective of their age, level of cricket or budget, a qualified coach that can assist them to become better cricketers through fitness, technique, attitude and skill development.

Contact the Academy Administrator James kennedy on 0437407896 or follow the links within the Academy section on the left to gather more information or click on

Player Registration Form 2014/15

Player Registration Form 2014/15

At the GDCC, we try to do everything online, making it as easy as possible for our players. Therefore, registration is online version to make it quicker for you to complete all the details. Every player must complete this form to be registered to play for the Gordon District Cricket Club.

If you are a new player, and haven't completed the New Player Form, click here and then please wait to hear back from the club officials before filling in this form.

This form is not for the junior club. Please see their website for rego details.

If you have already registered and wish to pay your subs, follow this link to pay online now

In completing this form, you hereby -

(a) apply for registration with the Sydney Cricket Association to represent Gordon District Cricket Club (the "Club") in the Grade, Shires or Women's competition;

(b) declare that you have obtained permission from the Sydney Cricket Association to represent Gordon District Cricket Club, if you have represented any other Grade or Shires club previously this season;

(c) undertake and agree that you will not hold Gordon District Cricket Club or the Sydney Cricket Association responsible for any injury or accident you may suffer as a result of taking part in a match, or attending practice activities conducted by the club and that you will not make any claim or take any action against the club or the Sydney Cricket Association to recover any loss or expense incurred by you as a result of any such injury or accident;

(d) acknowledge that you understand and accept the Sydney Cricket Association Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it;

(e) declare that you are under no outstanding financial obligation to any previous club, and are not currently listed with the NSW Cricket Association as a defaulter to any affiliate of the NSWCA; and

(f) declare that you have advised the club officials if you are not an Australian citizen.

Privacy Policy: Your registration information WILL NOT be provided to any third party for any purpose. This information is for the purpose of processing your participation insurance, maintaining participant records for the purposes of resource allocation, facility development and providing you with information on fixtures, competitions and special offers.

If you wish to access or correct your information at any time, please contact


* Required
Personal Details




Contact Details


Additional Information


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Marshall Rosen awarded Life Membership to Cricket NSW

Marshall Rosen awarded Life Membership to Cricket NSW

On Monday night, alongside Cricket NSW’s former Chief Executive, Marshall Rosen was bestowed the honour of Life Membership at the Annual General Meeting of Cricket NSW.

To anyone that knows Marshall, it doesn’t come as a surprise that his commitment to NSW Cricket, both as a player and administrator, has spanned over 50 years.

Marshall Rosen, alongside Cricket NSW Chairman John Warn, received Life Membership on Monday night

Although Cricket NSW reported that Marshall “played for the Gordon District Cricket Club between 1963 and 1978” we have it on good authority that it was actually in the 1960/61 season when he played his first game for the club – a solitary game in 4th Grade. Our records also show that he played three 1st Grade games in the 1979/80 season, giving him a career at the club that spanned 20 seasons!

Renowned for his work with the willow, Marshall had 228 innings for the club, compiling 6,754 runs with an average of 34.81, with 5,662 of these being in 1st Grade. His highest score was 168*, which was one of 14 centuries along with 31 fifties. An interesting fact at his time at the club was that he managed to score two centuries in five consecutive seasons in 1st Grade. These were in the 1971/72 – 1975/76 seasons.

Back in 1974, Marshall whips one through the legside for NSW 

However, Marshall’s bowling was also very impressive, with 170 wickets at 19.56, with 155 of these being taken in 1st Grade.

Cricket NSW reported that, as a NSW representative, he played 21 First Class matches between 1971 and 1976, scoring 1220 runs at an average of 30.50. They didn’t make mention of any bowling efforts during the presentation.

Having retired from playing to make way for his son, Brett, Marshall is currently one of the key administrators of the club, having also previously served as a selector and held a number of positions at the club, including Senior Vice President, Chairman of the Cricket Committee and Chairman of Selectors.

Marshall is currently entering his ninth year as a Director on the Cricket NSW board, while also having served as a delegate for the club to the SCA and NSWCA. Marshall was also a State Selector for a decade from 2002.

A younger Marshall Rosen  

Current Cricket NSW Chairman John Warn felt that Life Membership was a worthy recognition of this outstanding individual, saying that “Marshall [has] made a major contribution to the history of Cricket NSW… Marshall has given a major part of his life to Cricket NSW. From his days as a NSW player, his great work with the Gordon Cricket Club through to his ongoing role as a Cricket NSW Board Director, he should be commended for the way he has given his time over a great number of years to help benefit cricket through a number of vital roles.

We here at the GDCC couldn’t agree more. 

Congratulations Marshall – a very worthy recipient.


Gordon supporters - We want your snaps!

Gordon supporters - We want your snaps!

SprattyOne of the things that we believe keeps this website interesting is the publication of current photos alongside the match reports. This isn't easy to do every week and it often involves Paul Stephenson and Tony Wilson driving all over Sydney, poking their lenses our of the car window in the attempt to catch 'Spatty' on the hook, 'Rinny' on the drive or 'JK' knocking back off-stump.

We're not sure if this was a hook or just a strong-arm through the legside... but beautiful by Chris Spratt nonetheless 

We’d love any of our supporters that may budding photographers to snap a few photos if they are attending the matches – this includes any ‘close ups’ on mobile phones (such as player(s) walking off the field etc). 

We use ‘Dropbox’ to share our photos (where possible) – and can send an invitation to anyone that drops a message to In fact, we'd love to extend the invitation to you as it gives us greater 'cloud' storage of our photos. So anyone that is willing to set up an account... please drop us an email. Once the invitation is sent, we can help set up the account and then “share” folders for you to upload photos. The program is really easy to use and you can also syncronise the program with an individual folder on your desktop, so it does the uploading and downloading yourself.

Obviously, there is also a Dropbox app for you to use if you are taking photos on your iPad or iPhone.

Anyone can send photos to if Dropbox doesn’t work for them.

In terms of the photos themselves, we’d love some identification on these – the players’ names (as appropriate) – either in the file name or in an accompanying reference document / email / text message. That'd be a massive help for any of the webmaster's assistants. Just remember that, for any photos submitted, we do reserve the right to edit these (crop / resize etc) and then use these for any purpose on the Gordon website. We will also try to acknowledge your assistance where ever practical.


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