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1st Grade vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 4 - Day 2 - 2014/15

1st Grade vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 4 - Day 2 - 2014/15

Iain BeverleyThe 1st Graders came back to Chatswood knowing if we batted the 96 overs we could chase the 387 runs required to win. With the Lions declaring before the start of play, openers Cam Eccles and Iain (Bevo) Beverley went out to face the Fairfield attack.

Bevo sets a solid platform along with Cam Eccles 

Bevo and Cam started well, dispatching many deliveries to the boundary. Unfortunately, with 20 minutes until the lunch break Bevo was given out LBW for a well-made 40 in a partnership of 92.

Cam was out shortly after the resumption, caught at fine leg for 65. He was disappointed to get out knowing a big hundred was on the cards. Steve (Buck) Colley followed Cam, chopping on for 10 with the score on 175. Elliot Richtor and Harry (H) Evans were looking to bat until the tea break but unfortunately Elliot was caught and bowled, and Reece (Toucan) Bombas came and went before the tea break. With the score at 5-240, the game was in the balance.

Chad SoperTym (the Pest) Crawford and Harry continued after the break with “H” batting ‘bootifully’, continuing his fine form from the Manly game. It was looking like he would score another first grade hundred, but on 99 he chipped one to short mid-wicket. 

Chad Soper tries to get the side across the line with the rest of the lower order 

He was unfortunate to not to reach ‘three figures’ but it was another good captain’s knock. 

Tym fell the next over with the score on 280 and suddenly Fairfield were on top. Cricket is a funny game, and there can be multiple twists in the tail.

Dan (Greyhound) Smith and Chad (Sop) Soper formed a partnership and were looking like they would get the side home. But with the required run rate at 7 per over, Dan was forced into a false shot and was bowled for 45. James (JK) Kennedy fell the next ball and suddenly the side was 9-347. 

Tym CrawfordBeing 9 wickets down, most would think we would bat for the draw but Chad and Josh (Mulcher) Poysden had other ideas. They were playing aggressive cricket and going for the win.

"The Pest" Crawford punches one down the ground  

They backed themselves to get there but Josh was caught playing one big shot too many, and we were bowled out for 369 with Chad being 37*.

It would have been good sneak home. But the result came down to our poor fielding performance in the third session last week and the fact we lost many wickets in clumps this week. 

If someone got a big hundred it probably would have got us home, but positives can be taken from our batting this season. We have posted over 330 in three of the four games this season. We will be looking to bounce back and bag the points against the Tigers next weekend. 

Elliot Richtor

2nd Grade vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 4 - 2014/15

2nd Grade vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 4 - 2014/15

Charlie StoboThe young Gordon 2nd Grade team arrived at a sunny Rosedale Oval for Round 4 against Fairfield Liverpool, with high spirits off the back of a great win against Manly the week before. With many of the boys not having played at Rosedale, we were impressed by both the quality of the outfield and its sheer size; any total set on this ground would involve a lot of running between wickets.

The author, Charlie Stobo, continues to make inroads  

Skipper Max Newman won the toss and elected to bat on a flat, glossy wicket that looked to offer consistent pace and bounce. 

King McElduff and newly appointed opener Jack “Fielding Yips” Colley strode out to bat, and I was confident that Colley had worked hard enough on his defence throughout the week not to miss another straight one (touch wood). 

MaxThe pair got off to a solid start, turning the strike over and managing to hit a bit of shine off the new ball. With the score on 40, Jack was caught (I was silently pleased that at least he got bat on ball this time) and the King followed soon after having compiled a steady 25. 

Max Newman keeps his eye on the ball 

Axel Cahlin, who is simply amazing, also managed a start before being trapped in front for 24 – I know Spratty shed a few tears for his fallen idol. 

Darren “Oi don’t you reckon that Anil Kumble flew under the radar as an international cricketer?” Jayesakera did indeed fly well under the radar in his innings of 11 , and two more wickets fell soon after as the Stags collapsed to be 6-89. 

However, some smart and controlled batting from Max Newman (47), aided by Charlie Stobo (18) and ‘4:20’ Blaize Irving-Holiday (11) allowed the Stags to present a reasonable total of 199 in the first innings. 

Credit to the skipper again for exemplifying the patience and control that is needed on a pitch like that one. With the same application from our middle and top order a mountain of runs will follow for the 2nd Grade batting line up in the near future. 

CubbySo, with a total of 199 on the board, the Stags looked to snag a few early poles in the remaining 20 or so overs of play on day 1. After a bit of confusion as to who was taking the first over, I respectfully allowed Blaize to open up down wind, in the hope that the Blaize Irving-Holiday we all love and cherish would rip through the opening pair with a torrent of bitter curse words muttered under his breath, or in some cases, said directly to the batsman’s face. 

Cubbage is making the most of his opportunities 

Charlie Stobo and his moustache managed to grab two cheeky wickets caught by the skipper and Spratty’s favourite player (Cahlin), while 2nd grade debutant Daniel “Skilbeck” Stickland took the 3rd for the afternoon. Thus, at the end of Day 1, Gordon were in a reasonable position with Fairfield standing at 3-79.

I was glad to arrive at Rosedale for the second day with a nice cool breeze and overcast conditions that favoured the bowling side that day. With two fresh batsmen at the crease, we were confident we could take 7 wickets and tie up the victory.

Fun fact: No bowler in history has won India more test matches than Anil Kumble. Darren?

BlaizeThe opposition batsmen started steadily, and formed a handy partnership that could have been dangerous for the Stags. However, the first wicket of the day fell with the score on 129, and then a steady stream of wickets continued into the second session. Blaize, Stobo and Stickland bowled good channels and lengths, and the opposition were finding it hard to score runs freely. 

Big bad Blaize ensures Charlie works up into the wind 

It became apparent that the game would be a close one, as the opposition slumped to 9-190, a tantalising 10 runs short of victory. Adam Cubbage was bowling extremely well (much like Anil Kumble in his 619-wicket test career), and had taken the last 3 wickets and was in search of his 5th for the day, and Blaize was still steaming in from the other end in an attempt to smash through the tail enders and ensure another Gordon win. 

However, the opposition number 11 came in with confidence and obvious experience, and managed to crash a few balls to the boundary and win the game for the Lions.

With the total chased, both captains decided the end the game then and there, with Fairfield taking the 6 points.

Another 20 or so runs in the Gordon innings might have been enough to ensure victory, but on the whole it was a performance that we should be proud of. Defending a total of 199 on a wicket like Rosedale’s was never going to be easy. Our bowlers were consistent throughout the day, and our fielding allowed us to stay in the game right down to the last wicket. Special mention to Max’s 47 and Adam Cubbage’s 4-32 off 16, and Axel Cahlin for, well, just being Axel. God bless him.

Charlie Stobo

3rd Grade vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 4 - 2014/15

3rd Grade vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 4 - 2014/15

Kris ColleyThe morning of November 8th, clear blue skies and a wonderful batting wicket was revealing of a positive and fruitful mindset for the boys. However, this quite quickly changed as Reg lost the toss and we were sent into bowl on an absolute belter.

Kris Colley sets a good platform for the chase 

The early bowling was very tight and the Lions progress was slow. At tea the score was 3-90 and, when Matt “is that a plastic bag or snake” Keevers took his second wicket straight after the break, the Stags were on top. 

Although not indicative in his figures, Scott O’Brien’s spell was nothing short of a masterpiece and he most certainly deserved better figures. A ripper of a delivery to produce a stumping and shortly after a plum LBW meant Fairfield were struggling at 7-142. 

CarruthersA rearguard action slowly built the score and it looked like the Lions would possibly bat out the day. However, Pat “The Paddle-Pop Lion” Effeney took a good wicket and Will Calov took wickets off successive balls to see the innings end at 190. 

Tom Carruthers joins Kris in ensuring a good start in the Stags innings 

An extremely good effort from the boys considering the rock hard and flat condition of the pitch.

Kris Colley and Tom Carruthers saw off the final 4 overs with no loss and that ended Day 1.

November 15th, just as last week had, revealed a great batting wicket and a positive mindset by the boys - until Matt Keevers opened his mouth. The day, however successful, was constantly bust by an attempt at humour or a story in which Matt would describe how “loose” he got or how many “birds” he would smash. Does he run the Grade Cricketer twitter account?

CalovDespite this, the cricket was kicked off by a brilliant opening partnership of 63 from Kris and Tom before Tom was dismissed. Kris and Reg then added another 41 to take the score past 100. The Fairfield bowling was tight and the Stags batsmen were certainly made to work.

Photobomb? Will Calov knuckles down and does his role for the team 

I feel it is necessary to take a paragraph to describe what I would say, the pull shot of the century. Kris Colley looked extremely solid throughout his innings and had played elegantly, looking effortless in his strokes. Mid-way through the day, Kris received a short ball in which he dispatched to the long boundary in what seemed no longer then a second and no more than 5 metres high off the ground, also clearing the fence by a mile. The browsing crowd were astounded and let out gasps, “Oh my”, they said. Kris was then, not long after, dismissed for 59 by an excellent catch by the keeper. 

Matt Chamberlain fought hard and was dismissed just short of the total. However, it was the innings of Reagan Klemt that carried them home. He played several commanding cover drives on his way to 31no and the chase was completed 6 down. Another strong win by the boys.

Keep it up lads. I love winning.

Max Papworth

Teams selected for Round 5 vs Sydney

Teams selected for Round 5 vs Sydney

The selectors have announced the teams for the two day matches against Sydney with First Grade at Drummoyne, seconds at Chatswood, thirds at Ryde Oval, fourths at Killara and due to the shortage of a ground for Sydney the fifths are also at home at Beauchamp.

Jack Skilbeck at Chatswood

There are still 15 unavailabilities for the round which has again meant some juggling of teams, however the first grade side remains unchanged from last round in their quest to build their points.

In seconds, Jack Skilbeck returns after Uni Exams and Dan Stickland moves back to thirds after making a solid debut in the higher grade.

It is pleasing to see Nick Miller officially return to playing after his broken hand and will play in thirds after having a run in fifths last week to get the feeling back in his hand. After some excellent bowling in both fourths and Poidevin Gray, Ben Leighton gets a deserved promotion to thirds with Scott O’Brien unavailable this round.

The peoples champion and Tom Colverd return in fourths from injury while availabilities in the higher grades means Will Calov and Matt Chamberlain also move back to fourths. Matt Keane gets a shot in fourths also after some good all-round performances over the last few matches.

Fifths, the rock stars of the club, will have more guest appearances with the legendary Dave Monaghan and Chris Retallick adding even more experience to the team while Adrian Craig and John O’Neill Fuller move into fifths.

In other goods news Tim Fulton will play his first game of the season in fifths and will be sure to add some fitness levels to the team. Pic, Toddy and JOF will be lining up for his advice on how to stay with the youngsters in the side. 12 have been selected in fifths at this stage. 

The teams are:

1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

Drummoyne Oval

Chatswood Oval

Ryde Oval

Start 10:30 am

Start 10:30 am

Start 12:15 pm

Harry Evans ©

Max Newman ©

Damon Livermore ©

Iain Beverley

Axel Cahlin

Tom Carruthers

Reece Bombas

Jack Colley

Kris Colley

Steve Colley

Adam Cubbage

Andrew Crosland

Tym Crawford

Darren Jayasekera

Pat Effeney

Cameron Eccles

Blaize Irving-Holliday

Matt Keevers

James Kennedy

Liam McElduff

Reagan Klemt

Josh Poysden

Nick McMurray

Ben Leighton

Elliot Richtor

Jack Skilbeck

Nick Miller

Daniel Smith

Chris Spratt

Max Papworth

Chad Soper

Charlie Stobo

Dan Stickland




Match Report

Match Report

Match Report

Steve Colley

Axel Cahlin

Tom Carruthers





4th Grade

5th Grade

Killara Oval

Beauchamp Park

Start 12:15 pm

Start 12:15 pm

Shayne Lin ©

Tristan Cooper ©

Iqbal Ahmed

Stuart Bromley

Rob Barker

Jack Clinton

Will Calov

Andrew Coleman

Matt Chamberlain

Adrian Craig

Tom Colverd

Tim Fulton

Aaron Crofts

Dave Monaghan

Nick Fagan

John O'Neill-Fuller

Stan Gaynor

Chris Retallick

Matt Keane

Patrick Rice

Sam Watts

Anthony Sherman


Matt Todd

Match Report

Match Report

Will Calov

Andrew Coleman



Unavailable:  James Campbell, Corbin Edgar, Jordan Farrell, Nick Kelland, Mitchell Kleem, Lachie Mactier, Harry Middlebrook, Scott O'Brien, Dante Otto, Lachlan Stewart, Michael Strauss, Tjaard Tait, Dom Thomson, Saahil Turki, Anand Verma

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Poidevin Gray vs Hawkesbury - Round 2 - 2014/15

Poidevin Gray vs Hawkesbury - Round 2 - 2014/15

Chris SprattAn exceptional start last week transitioned momentum gained last season into our current campaign. However, continuing our positive start was of paramount importance if we were to fulfil our goal of bettering last season and taking it a step further. 

Chris Spratt looks aerial. What's new?!? 

Although our new-found statistician Ben “watch out Poysden I’m gunning for your spot” Leighton pointed out a weak start from our opposition the previous week, we were careful not to let this information ensue overconfidence. 

Arguably the best part of PGs is the unique and engaging warm up, ensuring both mental and physical readiness for the day ahead. With the return of the Ger creating excitement amongst the group, we got stuck into the warm up featuring team specialities including the house, starfish and some collar bone massaging thing with a proper name that always escapes me.

Charlie StoboSo after some utilisation of Google’s predictive text, I found this: “Myofascial release is a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain. This alternative medicine therapy aims to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles.”

Charlie Stobo applies the pressure early 

So with a combination I'm going to call “myofascial visualisationary preparation”, or in other words our warm up, we were ready for action. Although we had the intent of batting first, we were always going to end up bowling. To this day, not one PGs game in the last two seasons has resulted in Gordon chucking on the pads first. So it was safe to say we were in our element, or where we felt most comfortable at least.

An exceptional start from Charlie and Jack saw early wickets for the Stags, alongside some poor bloke getting hit in the head. Although it was a good delivery, I especially can empathise with the guy. However he was soon sent on his way, and an early domination of Gordon was occurring.

Tight fielding, immaculate bowling and catching saw the score reduced to 5/20. However it was vitally important we were ruthless and continued the onslaught if we were to assert our dominance over the opposition. For some stage, we did this. With Charlie and Jack finishing with figures for 3-27 and 3-39 respectively relatively early in the game, it was important that the change bowlers continued the momentum. 

LiamAnd they certainly did. A welcome return for Nick Miller with 1-8 off 7 over, alongside Dan Stickland with 1-5 off 6, a stranglehold was definitely in place. However good batting from their lower order and a quick Chatswood outfield saw their total increase to all out for 141. 

Liam McElduff cuts a strong figure out in the middle of Chatswood 

Congratulations also goes to Ben Leighton with outstanding figures of 1-31 off his 10, backing up a superb performance the day before and in previous matches. Good things to come for you bud!

With 142 required, a calm run rate of under 3 was required for victory. 

However instructions from coach for everyone to play their natural game saw a steady start followed by an acceleration of boundaries. Credit goes to Liam (39) and Spratty (62) for an excellent start to see us lose our first wicket with most of the damage already done. A true display of potential and talent from these two, and plenty of good things to come in this space for the rest of the season.

Two cameos from Jack Colley and Darren saw us home with each of them finishing on 19 and 20 not out respectively. Gordon had chased the total in 24 overs, securing a bonus point and a continuation of an extremely good start for the boys. Hopefully we can kick on and continue these winning ways into Christmas. 


Reagan Klemt

4th Grade vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 4 - 2014/15

4th Grade vs Fairfield-Liverpool - Round 4 - 2014/15

Shayne LinThe fellas rocked up to Fairfield Park at 11:15, as per Shayne’s request. Nice. There was talk of a green pitch in the change rooms, it looked like we wanted to bowl. After having lost the toss (for a change, Shayne 0 & 4 for the season) we were bowling. 

Shayne 'Rin' Lin whips off the bails t0 give 'Lez' another pole 

The opening spell set the scene for the rest of the innings, Rob Barker appeared to be bowling grenades, the Lions opening bats couldn’t get him away leading to the first wicket, a quality, Knox boy, run out from Ben ‘Lez’ Leighton. Shortly there after with poles to Rob and yours truly the Lions were 3 for not many. The Stags were looking the goods. 

LeightonAs we continued to mount the pressure the wickets continued to tumble. After the opening onslaught followed up with strong support from Sam Watts, Lez bagged a magnificent 6 wickets haul. He bowled every ball in his repertoire, bamboozling the batsmen at will. The Lions were all out shortly after tea for 133. 

The boys congratulate 'Lez' on his wickets 

Mitch and Stan set about taming their attack, a solid partnership was brewing. With the score on 53, the mood in the change rooms was confident. But a mix up lead to a run out and an LBW shortly after had both openers enjoying our company for the rest of the afternoon. 

However, the strong opening partnership had wore the bowling down and set us a strong platform for the remainder of the chase. Nick Fagan and Aaron “Hair clip” or “Chesty” Crofts took us to stumps.

LeightonIn the car on the way to the ground for Day 2, ‘Ronny’ Crofts informed me that “today I will be wearing a hairclip” when he bats. After my complete, understandably, shock, horror and banter, he explained that his hair “was too long”, with embarrassed panic in his voice. 

And here is 'Lez' Leighton in action against the Lions 

Good thing his hair wasn’t in his eyes, because he copped a good nut first ball of the day and was out, caught, with nothing to blame. 

JOF was with us almost as quickly as his off peg cartwheeled half way to the boundary. Was there an all too familiar 4th Grade collapse pending? Sort of. 

We had stumbled to 5/80 as Nick was dismissed after lasting out several early overs. Shayne went out, and well, he smashed them around a bit for 26 before his stumps were rattled. As Adrian, Rob and Sam all accelerated us past the total we soon declared with a lead of 97 (first team red ink for the season). 

Sam WattsAs the Lions stumbled to 5/38 thanks to some great bowling from Rob and Sam, we figured we were in with a shot of an outright. 

Sam Watts accelerates the score towards the end and gives the boys a chance at outright points 

But after a rare Lez full toss, leading to a replacement ball being required, some of the sting went out of our ascendency, the new ball must have been a leftover ball from 1st Grade as it didn’t move the same as the initial ball. 

The Lions batted on reaching 6/117, with the close of play approaching stumps were pulled. 

A well earned win to the Stags, rutting beauty!

Harry Middlebrook

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