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Pre-season practice - 2016/17 program released

Pre-season practice - 2016/17 program released

The pre-season fitness sessions have been published on the website and now we can reveal the full pre-season program for 2016/17. There are a series of sessions at Riverview, before a number of trial games during September before the start of the season on Saturday 24th September.

The tentative pre-season program is as follows:

Fitness sessions from Sun 26th June until Sun 24th July - details in the following link:

Sun 31st July
@ Riverview College Outdoor synthetic nets (no sprigs) – College St South Lane Cove (off Riverview St). 1pm – 4.30pm.

NB: These nets are at the Junior School and not the nets we used last year.

To gain more quality time for a shorter session we will split the groups into:
Session 1: (1-3pm) all players that finished playing 4th grade and lower arrive for the earlier session
Session 2: (2.30 – 4.30pm) all players that finished playing 3rd grade and higher arrive for the later session

All new players please come to the earlier session, unless otherwise advised.

Sun 7th: as above

Sun 14th: as above

Sun 21st: as above

Sun 28th: as above

September Grade trial games: 

We will be playing more September trial games this season to enable all players to participate.

Friday 3rd September - U21 side playing the Shore School at Northbridge in conjunction with the Green Shield match.

Sat 4th & Sun 5th – A country trial game has been organised in the Bathurst /Orange area against a Western Colts team playing our U19 players – venue to be organised.

Sat 10th & Sun 11th - Internal grade trial games at Mandalong Oval, with lunch and BBQ supplied both days

Sat 10th & Sun 11th – 1st Grade squad travels to Tasmania to play Harry Evans Club

Sun 11th – Trial game against Charlestown – Details to be confirmed

Sat 17th – Trial game against Waratah/Mayfield in Newcastle

Sat 17th – Centre wicket and trial game 8.30am – 5pm Killara – TBC

Sun 18th – 1st Grade trial v Easts Killara 8.30am – 4.30pm – TBC

Sat 24th – Round 1 Grade starts.

NB: The September onwards practice wickets dates will be advised asap.

Cheers Tony W – on behalf of the selectors

GDCC Academy
Beastwear sponsorship annoucement

Beastwear sponsorship annoucement

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that we have now formally signed a three year agreement with Beastwear, a locally owned specialist sports clothing manufacturer to be the exclusive supplier of all our grade clothing requirements.

We are very excited with this partnership and with input from our players we have designed a fresh and exciting new look for our grade players and supporters for the coming season. This will be unveiled closer to the start of the season.

Aden Nawaz from Beastwear has been heavily involved in the design process and has been very helpful and enthusiastic in his assistance along the way.

I would like to especially thank John Barker for making the initial contact with Aden, Tim Cubbage for developing the relationship and Tym Crawford and Daniel Smith for assisting with the design component. I would also like to thank Matt Kelly for his assistance in finalising the contract.

One of the key components of our ongoing partnership, is for members of our club to identify potential referrals that we can pass onto Beastwear. This can be schools, sporting clubs and associations or corporate requirements. The more we can support Beastwear the more long-term benefits we will receive from the partnership.

Geoff Hickman

Player Application Form

Player Application Form

Harry EvansThinking of joining our great Gordon club for 2016/17? 

Are you interested in world class coaching to take your cricket to the next level? If so, please feel free to fill in the details below and submit the form to the GDCC if you feel you are capable of playing grade cricket in one of our teams this coming season. We will contact you shortly regarding your inquiry and when the first practice sessions will be. We look forward to having you on board this season.

With a number of sides going deep into the finals in the past few years, the club is looking forward to a strong and improved season in 2016/17 and a top 3 finish in the club championship.

There will be announcements soon regarding the continuation of our excellent coaches for the coming season and you can rest assured they will be the best batting and bowling coaches in the competition.

There are plenty of fantastic initiatives in place at the club. We have great playing facilities, top class grounds, a great club atmosphere both on and off the field. Take your time and have a look around the website to find out more information.

Scroll down to player application form below.


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Trevor Chappell's Season in Review

Trevor Chappell's Season in Review

There were a number of encouraging signs emerging towards the end of the season, across all grades and individually. Our overall standing in the club championship, I think should be pleasing to most. There were many things that we could all point to as not being as good as we would have liked them to be with the 2015/2016 season; from training to the way different teams played at various times. 

The performance of the first grade was particularly pleasing, the way they trained and worked as a team during the season; contributions from all the top order bats and the work of the quicks throughout. To have finished one point out of the six with no front line spinner and a shortage of meds through various reason, for much of the season, is a wonderful effort. The leadership of the team is to be congratulated for this performance.

Fifth grade was our only grade team to play in finals with good consistent performances during the season. Unfortunately that couldn't be maintained into the finals. Some very good young players have emerged from this season.

Threes couldn't quite get to the finals in the end which was disappointing, there was some good cricket played at stages. 

Two's and four's had disappointing seasons however some good signs towards the end of the season from both teams leave me with the feeling that there is enough to build on for next season.

Colt's were unlucky to miss the grand final with weather robbing them in the semi. Again some young players have come under notice.

If we can continue that direction and build on it for the 2016/2017 season, there is no reason the club can not have a lot more teams playing finals cricket then.

Back in pre-season training at Riverview last August I suggested to all players to set themselves some goals for the season, even to the extent of writing them down. I don't know how many did that, however I am sure you can all look back on your season now and know whether you performed as you would have liked, performed above or below expectations. I suggest you all take some time now to review your season and identify the areas that you intend to improve next season. Obvious areas like batting bowling and fielding come readily to mind; don't overlook attitude to and during games and training. 

My observation during the season was that there are too many people prepared to 'leave it' to someone else; a strong, successful club is built on everyone getting in and having a go. There are many that do have this attitude, but there are unfortunately too many that don't. One thing is for sure, if you hope to improve on last season, starting the next one with the same old ideas, thoughts, attitudes and habits, won't do it.

One area that I personally would like to see an improvement in is the non game bowlers doing more bowling at training. At some point during training we invariably end up being under-maned at the bowling crease. Spinners should be looking to bowl most of the night, mediums probably the same, quicker bowlers for at least an hour in two spells, if the non game bowlers do at least half an hour, it spreads the load on all bowlers.

Last season fielding at training was mostly under worked. Every player should be doing 30 to 45 minutes, made up of throwing, ground fielding and catching. This along with the bowling above are areas where too many are prepared to leave it to someone else; either to do the work or to organise a session. There are some things in fielding you can do on your own (i.e throw at a target), there are plenty of things in fielding you can do with only one other person (i.e catch, ground balls, throw). 

Many players are happy to grab one other person to throw or lob them balls to hit, do the same with your fielding, and I suggest get the fielding done first.

Helping each other is so important in cricket, particularly to be a successful side or club. Every night at training last season I saw players that would have a bowl and a hit and vanish into the trees on the hill. I am sure many had legitimate reasons to be doing so, but I am equally sure there were a lot that thought, I've had my bat and bowl, I'll be off now. Stay half an hour extra to do some fielding; don't use the excuse that nothing is organised, you only need one other person to do something meaningful.

Pre-season fielding come August will be along the same lines as last season, mostly focused on footwork and technique, with a lot of repetition. Nearly all these exercises can be broken down to just two players, remember them and use them during the new season.

In August I will again be suggesting to all players that they write down some goals for the upcoming season; spend a few moments now to get some ideas together, then put it into your cricket kit and enjoy the winter season. When it comes time to dig out the cricket bag you will hopefully find the note and be one step on the way to a successful 2016-2017 season.

Riboni Constructions
GDCC Pre-season fitness 2016

GDCC Pre-season fitness 2016

Are you missing your summer friends? Or wanting to surpass them and rise through the grades in 2016/17? Or are you worried about defending your position? Or simply want a better rig for this summer?

Whatever your reason, the GDCC has you covered this pre-season. That’s right, ex-1st Grader Julian Stephenson is running five Sunday sessions beginning 26 June to get you ready for the upcoming season. 

Check out the schedule below, with two Bay Runs, meeting at Drummoyne Rowers, before three sessions at Chatswood with a high intensity boxing / agility / core / cross-training combination.

ALL players wanting to participate in the pre season training need to confirm their attendance by email or SMS to Julian Stephenson on 0405 435 114 and

Let’s get a massive turn out and begin the season in style!

Sun 26th June - 9am      Bay Run Drummoyne      7km Run - Stretch
Sun 3rd July - 9am      Bay Run Drummoyne      7km Run - Stretch
Sun 10th July - 10am      Chatswood Oval      X-train/Boxing
Sun 17th July - 10am      Chatswood Oval      Speed/Agility/Core
Sun 24th July - 10am      Chatswood Oval      Speed/Agility/ Core

Trevor Chappell

Our national representative shines, others overseas do as well

Our national representative shines, others overseas do as well

We have 6 current Gordon members playing in the UK at various Clubs during our off-season, plus Chad Soper recently representing Papau New Guinea as the rose to the history-making occasion in front of home fans, defeating Kenya in two 50 over games. 

1) Tym Crawford: is playing at Formby CC in Liverpool (Merseyside) - Lancashire County. 

Tym is in dynamic form, scoring 315 runs in 9 innings @ 39 average, with a top score of 80, plus a 76no and 41. In the process he has belted 49 fours and 7 sixers. Tym is also obviously enjoying his bowling, with 65 overs and taking 12w@19, with a best of 4-43 and 3-50. Formby is apparently in one of the strongest Leagues in the Country.

2) Daniel Smith: is playing at Lordswood CC in Chatham – Kent County. 

Dan has started cautiously with his club - in 5 games scoring only 66 runs at 17 av - batting at No 5 and bowling only 23 overs for 1 wicket. He has also been selected for the Kent 2nd X1 again however the terrible weather has already washed out the first 3 games. Dan has since scored 44 in 3 knocks and no wickets for 57 off 10 overs. He will soon fire.

3) Liam McElduff: is playing at Winscombe CC in Winscombe – Somerset County.

Liam is off to a stunning start for the 1st X1; scoring 197 runs @ 98av in his 4 matches, with 2 not outs and a top score of 63no. Will keep you updated however how good is his start, scoring 37% of his teams runs.

4) Charlie Booth: is playing for Cambridge Granta CC in Cambridge – Cambridgeshire.

Charlie is also off to a great start in 7 games taking 12w at only 12 off 42 overs for the 2nd X1 and scoring 128 runs @ 26 with a top score of 36 (and 34no), batting anywhere between No 3-6. He will love that and another to watch.

5) Matt Chamberlain: is playing at Easton & Martyr Worthy CC in Winchester – Hampshire.

Matt has also started absolutely brilliantly, opening in the 1st X1 and in only 5 games has already scored 302 runs @ 100 av and yes he has scored the ton - with a top score of 114 (others 66no, 58, 51no). Officially they have not recorded the ton (round 1) as yet and they have him at 188 runs @ 94, which is 44% of his team’s runs. He has now bowled 19 overs for 5w @ 10 av, with a best of 4-10 last week-end. Another to closely watch and most importantly has scored the big ton.

6) Liam Windel: is playing at Brighton & Hove CC in Hove – Sussex County.

Liam is carrying on a great tradition with the Barker – Brighton & Hove scholarship and has not let his predecessors down with a remarkable early season. They must play 2nd X1 here, as a result of OS players taking up the 1st X1 positions. In 6 innings Liam has scored 286 runs @ 57 av (an excellent 49% of his team’s runs), with a top score of yes 113, plus a 66 and 43. He is also opening the bowling with 40 overs for 10w@ 15 and a best of 3-26. Magnificent start Liam - especially scoring the early ton and please keep the runs flowing.

7) Chadley Soper: is playing for PNG IN THE World Cricket League Championship Series.

In the first sanctioned international match played in PNG, Chad opened the bowling against Kenya and took 5-27 off 9 overs and in the process became the first PNG player to take 5 wickets in PNG. They also won the 2nd game on the 28th May against Kenya, with Chad taking 1-45 off his 10 overs. 

Chad has had magnificent world-wide experience playing for PNG in 2015-16. In June last year he played against the Netherlands in Amsterdam; then in Nov against Canada and Afghanistan in Abu Dhabi; then in Feb this year played 4 games against Ireland in Townsville and in May 2 games against Kenya.

Cheers Tiddles 

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