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Fantasy League 2014/15 - Round 14 results

Fantasy League 2014/15 - Round 14 results

Steve ColleyThe semi finals of the grade competition are about to kick off and our local rivals from the Northern Beaches have all five sides competing. What a top drawer performance! Closer to home however, the semi-finals of the Fantasy League knockout competition have been run and won. Check out the results at the bottom of the page to see who's progressed.

Steve Colley is in the top 10 points earners in 2014/15 

As the results from Round 14 have been locked into the system, it's now time for the Fantasy League management to take an audit before the final round to make sure the points reflect what's in myCricket. Thanks to everyone who's been responsible for posting results into the system - even if it's involved a fair bit of chasing up for some!

Below you will find the usual team and player rankings, and the match ups for the Final of the knockout competition.

Good luck!

Gordon Fantasy League Management



Rank    Team Name                                           Team Owner                                     Points
1 Mitchell Street Ed Howitt Jnr 8,690
2 Donuts XI Dave Millar 8,603
3 Hicko's Young Guns Geoff Hickman 8,480
4 Hello Newman. Hello Jerry. Max Newman 8,350
5 I have an unhealthy love for Spongebob Blaize Irving-Holliday 8,158
6 Bark Collector Rob Barker 8,145
7 Tiddles Ultimates Tony Wilson 8,118
8 Eton Road Ed Howitt Jnr 8,109
9 Lezs Loose Lads Ben Leighton 8,089
10 Millsy's XI Nick Miller 8,079
11 PC XI Pete Colley 7,991
12 Tough Ted's Team John Barker 7,930
13 Hicko's Heros Geoff Hickman 7,912
14 Legs Eleven Ed Howitt Snr 7,896
15 Clint's XI Jack Clinton 7,896
16 Eastern Road Ed Howitt Jnr 7,871
17 Mac's X1 Sean McElduff 7,836
18 Swatts XI Sam Watts 7,824
19 Gilly's Ghosts Michael Donnelly 7,794
20 Katut's XI Aaron Crofts 7,777
21 Lad-zio Tym Crawford 7,777
22 Channelling Charlie Somerville Michael Roberts 7,727
23 Que Bueno Josh Poysden 7,649
24 Turramurra Trotters Ed Howitt Snr 7,630
25 Marcus' I - XI James Kennedy 7,608
26 Kings XI Liam McElduff 7,601
27 Come back Chilly John ONeill-Fuller 7,592
28 Tiddles Loose Ones Tony Wilson 7,586
29 Frogan's Favs (2) Michael Falk 7,584
30 Mad Dogs XI Scott OBrien 7,563
31 Royal St Michael Donnelly 7,540
32 Calov XI William Calov 7,524
33 DOBS Mark Clinton 7,505
34 Jokers Sacha Cahlin 7,503
35 JOF's XI John ONeill-Fuller 7,497
36 Sneaky's Best Pete Colley 7,442
37 Tiddles Stuyvos Tony Wilson 7,436
38 JS 2nd XI Jack Skilbeck & Stan Gaynor 7,431
39 Carroll's Crusaders Michael Donnelly 7,396
40 Well Driven Ed Howitt Snr 7,381
41 Frogan's Favs (1) Michael Falk 7,358
42 Wreckers XI Sean Miller 7,330
43 Louis' Lemondrops Ed Howitt Snr 7,313
44 Give Icky a Bowl Adam Cubbage 7,251
45 Mainly Lower Graders Wendy Miller 7,200
46 Happy Days Stephen Cahlin 7,186
47 You're a bus John ONeill-Fuller 7,183
48 Ryans XI Ryan McElduff 7,170
49 The Dodgey Vindaloos Anand Verma 7,000
50 The Thwackers Steve Cahlin 6,960
51 Three Stooges Ed Howitt Snr 6,892
52 Frankie's XI Frank Colley 6,830
53 JS 3rd XI Jack Skilbeck & Stan Gaynor 6,544
54 JS 1st XI Jack Skilbeck & Stan Gaynor 6,307
55 Pommy and Pals Tom Colverd 6,096
56 Kelland's XI Nick Kelland 5,845
57 Hicko's Legends Geoff Hickman 5,583



Name                                     Before Transfer   After Transfer   Total Points
Harry Evans 770 407 1177
Elliot Richtor 588 417 1005
Blaize Irving-Holliday 503 485 988
Chad Soper 542 347 889
Dan Smith 503 349 852
Max Newman 423 427 850
Tym Crawford 526 305 831
Adam Cubbage 457 326 783
Matthew Todd 310 439 749
Steve Colley 430 316 746
Max Papworth 434 303 737
Scott O'Brien 295 440 735
Samuel Watts 341 374 715
Anthony Sherman 240 457 697
Reece Bombas 345 343 688
Andrew Coleman 446 212 658
Axel Cahlin 523 129 652
Dan Stickland 311 317 628
Josh Poysden 327 292 619
Iain Beverley 356 253 609
Anand Verma 335 254 589
Charlie Stobo 434 149 583
Nick Miller 247 335 582
Jack Skilbeck 252 328 580
Tristan Cooper 287 277 564
James Kennedy 435 100 535
Damon Livermore 154 379 533
Nick McMurray 222 307 529
Chris Spratt 233 282 515
Rob Barker 291 219 510
Matt Keevers 350 150 500
Pat Effeney 224 265 489
Cameron Eccles 193 284 477
Shayne Lin 170 304 474
Ben Leighton 219 229 448
Mitch Kleem 193 248 441
Reagan Klemt 220 216 436
Tom Carruthers 236 199 435
David Monaghan 164 271 435
Iqbal Ahmed 153 264 417
Aaron Crofts 174 234 408
Liam McElduff 185 201 386
Matt Keane 176 200 376
Kris Colley 203 159 362
Saahil Turki 195 156 351
Andrew Crosland 295 52 347
Darren Jayasekara 237 110 347
Patrick Rice 181 157 338
Stan Gaynor 144 189 333
Will Calov 333 0 333
Jack Colley 163 128 291
Michael Strauss 111 156 267
Tjaard Tait 228 25 253
Tim Fulton 72 174 246
Adrian Craig 145 83 228
John O'Neill Fuller 116 79 195
Harry Middlebrook 156 0 156
Tim Ferrero 0 141 141
Matt Chamberlain 80 55 135
Dante Otto 128 0 128
Dom Thomson 0 119 119
Jack Clinton 84 28 112
Corbin Edgar 0 103 103
Nick Fagan 89 0 89
Stuart Bromley 84 0 84
Michael Roberts 43 37 80
Richard Armour 75 0 75
Scott Burkinshaw 64 0 64
Ben Parker 41 12 53
Tom Colverd 40 0 40
Dylan Hood 0 30 30
Lachlan Stewart 0 15 15
Ryan McElduff 14 0 14
David Leiboff 11 0 11
James Campbell 3 0 3
Michael Falk 0 1 1



Results from Round 14 - Semi Finals - Winners in Bold

Ranking     Team Name                                              Round 14 Points  
27 Channelling Charlie Somerville 559
11 Lad-zio 449
25 Tiddles Loose Ones 595
33 Royal St 466



Knockout competition - The Final

Allocation         Team Name                                                   Current Rankings
1 Channelling Charlie Somerville 27
2 Tiddles Loose Ones 25


Free entry to GRFC vs Eastwood this Saturday

Free entry to GRFC vs Eastwood this Saturday

The Gordon Rugby Club would like to invite all GDCC players to their first home game on Saturday against Eastwood. That’s right, free entry into Chatswood Oval for what promises to be a great start to the 2015 season for the Highlanders.

After a 19-10 win over Eastern Suburbs, they’re looking to get the better of Eastwood as well.

The club will have a list of all the players / officials from the 2015 season. You’ve also been encouraged by the Club Secretary to have your Orchard Card as well for easy identification.

For more details, check out the rugby club’s website:

1st Grade starts at 3pm. 2nd Grade starts at 1:25pm.

Liz Swinburn has also suggested she’ll buy you a beer as well!

There are also up to 10 box seat tickets (uncatered) for tomorrow night’s Waratahs game available for collection from Liz Swinburn at the game.

1st Grade vs Penrith - Round 14 - 2014/15

1st Grade vs Penrith - Round 14 - 2014/15

Harry EvansAfter a month of 2 day games, it was back into one day mode for the 1st Graders. This would be our last game at Chatswood Oval for the season and the last game before Josh (JP) Poysden headed back to the motherland. 

A glorious late cut by the skipper, Harry Evans 

The football warm up game would see different teams turn out due to the transfer market opening during the week. The top 5 were happy with their purchase of Tym Crawford (Crunchy Nut) whilst the bottom 6 reclaimed Iain Beverley (Bevo).

The dewy conditions would allow the ball to skid on more than usual which would disadvantage the bottom 6 with their style of play, booting the ball up field and hoping for the best, it has however come off for them more often than not this season.

The top 5 showed a lot of skill, determination and control to put one past JP, the goalkeeper. You could really tell the bottom 6 were rattled and in the end were not able to get an equaliser in which they only had 31% of possession. An overdue but well-deserved victory to the top 5.

Cam EcclesNow to the serious stuff. Harry won the toss on what looked to be a good wicket, and chose to bat. Cam Eccles and Steve Colley got us off to a good start, posting 50 for the first stand until Cam was caught behind. Steve soon followed. Harry Evans and Elliot Richtor put on 50 more before Harry was bowled with the score on 115. 

Cam Eccles nails a hook shot early in his innings, before being caught behind the wicket 

As has been our downfall this season, we lost wickets again in clumps and were struggling at 5/118. Bevo and Els Richtor put on 50 before Iain was out LBW. Chad came in and continued his good form from last week putting on another 50 run partnership, before Els was bowled for 84 with 2 overs to go. Chad and JP were able to pick up valuable runs in the last 2 overs to get us to a total of 234. Par score would have been around 260, but if we bowled well we were definitely in with a chance.

Our bowlers didn’t get off to the best start and Penrith’s opening batsmen came out swinging. They were scoring at 8 an over before Dan Smith, as he has done so often this year, got the breakthrough. Penrith’s batsmen continued to score freely until Chad got the dangerous DiBartolo out caught by Reece “trench foot” Bombas.

Steve ColleyFrom there Penrith batsmen accumulated and got closer to the required total. A flurry of wickets at the end wasn’t enough to stop Penrith winning the game by 4 wickets with 2 overs to spare.

Steve Colley looks down the ground for runs against the Panthers 

It was a disappointing day for the Stags. We simply didn’t post enough runs, and our bowling started poorly which allowed the opposition to get a big portion of the runs in the first 15 overs. 

One more game to go against Campbelltown. Hopefully we can forget about this game and put in a big performance to finish the season on a high.

Elliot Richtor

The many facets of Elliot Richtor's game 

We would like to thank JP for coming back to the Stags this season. Everyone has enjoyed playing with him and he has been a great clubman off the field. 

The self-proclaimed “best dj” in the team (let’s see your mixing skills), most (not all) enjoyed the variety of cheese he played in the change rooms. All the best for your upcoming UK season and hopefully see you back here in September.

Elliot “ERIC” Richtor

2nd Grade vs Penrith - Round 14 - 2014/15

2nd Grade vs Penrith - Round 14 - 2014/15

Jack ColleyThe 2nd Grade team arrived on Day 1 of Round 14 at Howell Oval to taken on Penrith, once again aiming to provide a solid performance that would reassure the selectors of the talent and potential of Gordon’s youth.

Jack Colley looks to make the most of a hard pitch 

The crisp morning atmosphere was bursting with stereotypical ‘Penrif’ themes –numerous V8s on the surrounding roads, a slight blaring of a siren, fast food joints nearby, and – of course – a rock hard pitch that would become our nemesis for the remainder of Day 1.

Having lost the toss (again), the Gordon youth were once again forced to bowl first. With high hopes, the opening attack was seeking early poles and possibly even a bit of movement off the pitch. 

Cubbage battingNewman

Cubbage and Newman on Day 2 take the attack to the Penrith bowlers 

The latter, however, was not to be found. Stickland broke through early, but partnerships formed throughout the day that would prove hard to break. 

SkilbeckThe Penrith line up seemed to have been practicing their French cuts throughout the season, as a number of balls came close to hitting the stumps. Alas, a fine performance from the opposition number 4 (174*) resulted in a mass of runs being compiled throughout the day, with a sprinkle of wickets here and there. Adam “Nathan Cabbage” Cubbage grabbed 3 for the day, and Stickland 2 wickets as well.

Skilbeck looks to contain the Panthers batting line up on a particularly good track 

A Penrith total of 381 seemed daunting having fielded for 96 overs, but with the wicket as good as it was, the total was definitely gettable(!) with the right persistence. 

A note must be made, however, of the poor fielding standards of the Gordon youth, which aided the Penrith side to scoring nearly 10 and over for the last session. A flat wicket, drop catches, missed opportunities, and one extremely good batting performance seems to sum up the day nicely. Bring on Day 2.

Stobo batting

It brings a tear to our eyes to have this caught on film - Charlie Stobo in the pads 

I think it was Charles Dickens who wrote “optimism and positivity is key for chasing big totals,” and 6 points were not out of reach for the “Youth” on Day 2 if they heeded Dickens’ advice. After the bottom order’s annihilation of the top 5 during the warm up game of fielding soccer – including a ridiculously good front flip goal from Skilbeck – the batsmen began the chase. 

Stobo bowlingSkilly and Yours Truly also set about the weekly crossword, but were stuck on damn 20 down not long before lunch. Newly appointed opener Darren J flew under the radar as per usual, but fell for 10 as small partnerships were formed, but were not maintained. Spratt compiled a classy 46, which ended up being the highest score as the “Youth” were bowled out for 182 after 64 overs.

In his natural environment, Stobo keeps that seam bolt upright 

However, as a result Penrith’s need for 10 points to make any chance of finals, their captain decided to forfeit their second innings, leaving us 200 runs to get with 34 overs remaining in the day – a cracking shot at the ol’ reverse outright win. 

So, with nothing to lose, the Youth’s batsmen set about doing their thing. Shakespeare’s ‘positivity’ must have only just hit home with our batsmen, as Spratt and Liam “McElmuscles” McElduff absolutely destroyed the Penrith opening attack. The Youth were sitting on 50 or so runs after only 3 overs, and the carnage continued until Spratt was caught on 29 off 15. 


The aggressive nature of Liam McElduff, capitalising on his chances in the 2nd dig 

Liam continued to bat positively while being supported by Superstar Cahlin (36). He reached 50 but was cruelly run out by a deflection from a Colley straight-drive soon after. Probably the only thing Jack has middled all season. Liam’s well made 62 included powerful stroke-play and the attitude that he should go out and play with every time he bats. Bravo.

SlipsSkipper Newman and Cubbage formed another partnership, and when Max fell for 23 Nick “McSurf” McMuffay cooly arrived at the crease while Cubby hit the winning runs to secure 6 points for the Youth.

Watching, waiting, anticipating - anything yet boys? 

A number of things can be taken from both days of round 14 – one of those being the potential carnage that the young batting line up can produce in the future. A little risky and unnecessary at times, sure, but definitely an attitude that can produce a stable foundation for the bowlers in the future. 

Charlie Stobo 

Newman Cubbage

Cubbage and Newman look for a second 
A strong finish blows the Ghosts away

A strong finish blows the Ghosts away

BlaizeGordon finished the season on a good note, winning four out of five grades against Campbelltown-Camden culminating with an end-of-season celebration at the Orchard. The Stags held their nerve in several tight games, while Thirds went within two balls of a win that would have seen a clean sweep.

Blaize Irving-Holliday turns out in the coloured clothing for the final round 

Despite the disappointing post-Christmas results, it was a terrific way to finish. Now, we can just think about ‘what might have been…’

Els Richtor

A further story will be written about the very successful afternoon at Chatswood Oval, where we remembered all of those who sacrificed their lives during the World Wars. 

Richtor looks towards midwicket as he compiles he total with the lower order 

However, this is a perfect place to thank everyone involved from the broader Gordon community, Campbelltown, the Umpires and everyone that attended the event, from the local minister, mayors, councilors and RSL sub-branches.

1st Grade

SkilbeckGordon batted first on a wicket that was going to play a few tricks after some heavy rain during the week out at Raby. It was hard going as several wickets fell as the score progressed. Cam Eccles batted well, as did Tym Crawford, and Gordon moved to 4-133 after 33 overs. 

Jack Skilbeck continues his rise up the club's ranks, with his debut in 1st Grade. Congrats Skily!! 

Elliot Richtor held the middle/lower order together, scoring an excellent 56, and the Stags finished their innings at 172 – reasonable, considering the conditions.

There was clearly plenty left in the deck as Charlie Stobo and Blaize Irving-Holliday struck early and often. With Tym Crawford also taking a wicket, Campbelltown were in dire straits at 6-47.

Cam EcclesCharlie StoboCrawford

Eccles, Stobo and Crawford make their mark on the Campbelltown side 

At this point, Gordon’s progress was halted by an 80 run partnership that turned the game on its head. From a completely dominant position, Gordon was in trouble, dropping some easy chances and staring down the barrel of an unfortunate loss.

Finally, Elliot Richtor broke through and, shortly after, Harry Evans also took one. Runs were still leaking, but then Elliot took another and, with the Ghosts within a couple of good hits of an unlikely win, Blaize Irving-Holliday bowled the No.10 and Gordon had won by 14 runs.

Beverley showboating

Afterwards, Bombas said "That dive was unnecessary. Typical Beverley showboating."
We don't think it was too bad! In fact, it was particularly impressive.

Adam Cubbage It was a pleasing finish, particularly with a number of players out through injury. Special mention to Charlie and Blaize, who really stood up, as well as Elliot Richtor’s fine all round effort.

Consistency is Adam Cubbage's middle name. A good allround performance by the 'Bear'.

Gordon 176 (Elliot Richtor 56, Cam Eccles 30, Tym Crawford 30) defeated Campbelltown 162 (Charlie Stobo 3-26, Blaize Irving-Holliday 3-29, Elliot Richtor 2-15).

2nd Grade

Gordon lost the toss and bowled at Chatswood. Pat Effeney, in his return to Second Grade, took a wicket with his first ball and Dan Stickland struck soon after to have Campbelltown 2-9. Pat and Adam Cubbage each took another to have them reeling at 4-39.

Darren JayasekeraAnother to Adam and two to… Jack Colley… yep, Jack Colley… saw the score 7-94 and in all sorts. They then rallied with a good 72 run partnership but overs had been churned through and they finished their 50 overs at 9-187. Pat and Adam were the best bowlers with three each.

Yep. That'll do it. Great shot of Darren Jayasekera getting beaten 

The Gordon innings started with a cough but Chris Spratt and Darren Jayasekera looked sound. Chris was out to a brilliant running outfield catch after threatening to score a big one and another wicket fell immediately but Darren and Jack Colley added 80 and put the Stags in a great position.

Darren was dismissed for a very sensible 32 and, once again, wickets came in two’s. 5-115 then moved to 6-136 when Jack was out for a most aggressive 60.

Jack Colley It was still very much ‘game on’ with 52 still needed, but Adam Cubbage and Nick McMurray showed the common sense regularly seen by the lower middle order of this team and reached their target with 5 overs to spare. Both batted really well with Adam completing an excellent all round performance.

Jack Colley during his spell that included a couple of poles 

A really good couple of wins to finish the season. Something for this very young side to build on next year.

Gordon 6-191 (Jack Colley 60, Darren Jayasekera 32, Adam Cubbage 39*, Nick McMurray 19*) defeated Campbelltown 9-188 (Pat Effeney 3-38, Adam Cubbage 3-52, Jack Colley 2-7).

3rd Grade

Gordon were asked to bat first at Raby 2. An interesting batting order saw Rob Barker and Max Papworth adding 34 for the first wicket. Tom Carruthers and Kris Colley shared a good partnership and a few of the other batsmen made contributions. 

Kris ColleyHowever, 227 was probably short of par considering the number of starts. The astounding stat was that there were 69 sundries in the innings! Amazing!

Kris Colley plays through the line out at Raby 2 

The Campbelltown openers added 36 for the first wicket and then the next wicket added 101 as the Gordon bowlers struggled. A couple more wickets and the Ghosts found themselves 4-164 from 41 overs. It was nip and tuck as the overs ticked over and the runs continued.

Alas, the Gordon total was passed on the second last ball of the last over – so close.

A good fight but not quite good enough.

Gordon 227 (Tom Carruthers 32, Rob Barker 20) lost to Campbelltown 5-228 (Sam Watts 2 wkts).

4th Grade

CarruthersA wicket with some wet patches and a long outfield greeted the players at Killara. The game was delayed for an hour and Campbelltown batted in difficult conditions. James Kennedy, getting over an injury which prevented him from bowling in the last four games, rolled his arm over and proved a real handful on the spicy deck. He took four and Dave Monaghan three as the Ghosts slumped to be all out for 88.

Tom Carruthers looks to fill his boots in the final game of the season 

Mitch Kleem decided the outfield wasn’t going to slow balls that went in the air and, with Stan Gaynor, they moved quickly to 0-61. The obligatory rush of wickets followed but Corbin Edgar was able to see Gordon through to a straightforward win four down in 16 overs.

Well done – strong way to finish!

Gordon 4-89 (Mitch Kleem 29, Stan Gaynor 19) defeated Campbelltown 88 (James Kennedy 4-13, Dave Monaghan 3-35) with a bonus point.

Pic Sherman5th Grade

Gordon lost the toss and bowled at Raby 3. It was steady progress – 1-30 from ten overs, 2-63 from 19. They then added a further 51 in good time before Matt Todd struck. He took another quickly but runs continued to flow. 

Anthony 'Pic' Sherman helps to contain the tail 

6-170 became 9-182 after the fifty overs with Anthony Sherman taking a couple.

In response, Anthony Sherman and Dom Thomson got off to a good start before both being dismissed – 2-51. Michael Roberts and Matt Chamberlain then shared an excellent partnership, taking the score to 132 after 27 overs.


Tristan Cooper and Matt Todd take the pace off the ball against the Ghosts 

Michael batted extremely well for his 70, playing some great strokes. Matt played more conservatively but his innings was no less important. At Michael’s dismissal, he and Andrew Coleman took the score comfortably past the Campbelltown total. He finished on 43*, while Andrew finished on 24*.

A really good win to finish a frustrating season.

Gordon 3-183 (Michael Roberts 70, Matt Chamberlain 43*, Andrew Coleman 24*) defeated Campbelltown 9-182 (Anothony Sherman 3 wkts, Matt Todd 2 wkts).

5th Grade vs Penrith - Round 14 - 2014/15

5th Grade vs Penrith - Round 14 - 2014/15

ThomsonThe 5th Grade team arrived at a moist Beauchuamp Oval on Day 1 for Round 14, ready for a tough game against the consistent Panthers. On the fringe of qualifying and a great win the week before, the Stags were confident they could pull out another victory to help secure a spot in the finals. 

Dom Thomson gets in behind a Panthers delivery and returns it with interest 

However, ominous signs pre-game of the entire Panthers team already warming up upon our arrival were to reflect the days play.

Gordon batted first and looked solid early with Dom Thomson (12) and Pic (18) facing out the opening quicks however in consistent style this year, the fifth grade team lost 5-8. Some poor shots, good bowling, a run-out and some LBW decisions knocked the top order completely over. 

ShermanApart from a tidy innings by Dave Monaghan (15) and a late effort from Tim Fulton, Gordon fell for just 90; a very disappointing effort. Whilst the Panther’s bowled consistent good lines, Gordon batsmen gave their wickets away for the main part; a ‘jaffa’ to Coops first up didn’t help either. 

Always looking to attack, Pic Sherman begins the Gordon innings 

With depleted spirits, the Gordon unit moved out to hopefully roll Panther’s for a similar score however never really got close. Tim Fulton bowled well early on and snared a quick wicket however no-one effectively backed him up. Ricey bowled consistent however was unable to get any breakthroughs we desperately needed. 

Furthermore, our strike bowler Toddy was unable to bowl due to some chest pains. Some sloppy fielding and very positive batting, Penrith passed our score one down. Tristan bowled well in patches however a couple too many full tosses and a wicket off a no-ball proved it was never our day. 

ToddGordon belatedly trudged off the field with Penrith 2-115, the only seemingly excited person being Dom Thomson who had a Future Festival ticket in his back pocket. 

Chest pains maybe... but Matt Todd has a number of useful skills off the field. Despite being proficient, spinning basketballs isn't one of them. 

After a week’s recovery, Gordon returned to a faster drier Beauchamp with low expectations, seemingly a futile unwinnable contest. None-the-less Gordon showed great fight in the field with a positive attitude focussed on enjoying our cricket. Apart from some late hitting by the Panthers and ultimate declaration at 9-242, Gordon were on top that session due to some much needed strike bowling from Toddy. 

Toddy tore through the middle order eventually taking 5/63 and much needed confidence into the change room. Gordon required 152 to avoid an outright loss.


We suspect this ended up being a solid catch. Pic?
Think Matt Keevers' description in the 3rd Grade report. 

Similarly to the week before, Dom Thomson and Anthony Sherman looked positive to start, playing their shots and moving the team to 50 without loss. However, a couple of decisions once again proved pivotal in the match; with Pic being given caught after it had appeared to have bounced.


Monaghan, Thomson, Coleman & Craig display their wares at Beauchamp

Throughout the innings Gordon seemed to build strong bases for good partnerships however consistently lost wickets at key times. Furthermore, some poor running between the wickets didn’t help. 

Todd walks offAfter Andrew Coleman fell for 23, it looked like this could come down to the wire. Whilst still quietly confident the last over of the day began with Gordon 8-150, either needing to score 2 runs or survive 6 balls.

Todd walks off with Cooper and Coleman, the brains trust of the 5th Grade side 

However, the pressure proved too much. With Adrian Craig stranded at the other end, our last two batsmen were both out by the 4th ball and Gordon had been beaten outright by 2 runs. 

Praise must be given to Adrian Craig who batted valiantly near the end with 28* however probably should’ve faced the last over. 

A small BBQ and arrival of past and present players however proved a bitter sweet end to the game as Gordon were convincingly beaten with only a couple of positives to draw from.

Dom Thomson 

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