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GDCC Head Coach role

GDCC Head Coach role

Founded in 1905, the Gordon District Cricket Club (GDCC) has a proud history of producing competitive teams and players in the Sydney Grade Cricket competition. The clubs has four club championships, six 1st Grade and numerous lower grade premiership to its credit - including three in the last 3 seasons under our recently retired head coach. 

As well as its premiership successes, Gordon has produced a long list of representative players - including 19 Australian representatives and 37 NSW players.

Amongst these are some of the greatest names in Australian cricket including Charlie McCartney, Victor Trumper, Bert Oldfield, Neil Harvey, Brian Taber, Adam Gilchrist, Phil Emery, Matthew Nicholson and Beau Casson developing their cricket careers at Gordon.

The last few years have seen a number of experienced players retire and although we have a talented pool of young talent, performances in the past two years have been below the club’s expectation, a situation GDCC is keen to rectify.

Through a dedicated focus on developing local juniors, the GDCC has, and continues to attract, a talented playing group in excess of 90 cricketers, who are keen for future club and individual success.

GDCC is now seeking applications for the position of Head Coach for 3 years from the 2015/16 – 2017/18 seasons inclusive.
Please direct all inquires to in the first instance or Michael Cant on 0419 422 873.


Job Description 

The Head Coach is responsible for the following:
• Prepare the annual Cricket Program.
• Together with the Club Cricket committee, setting the overall coaching structure and resources, including appointment of assistant / specialist coaching roles. 
• Planning and implementing the training and coaching program for the six grade, Poidevin Gray, and High Performance Development Squads.
• Developing and implementing both pre season and in-season training programs.
• Identify the specific requirements of teams and individuals, and providing the coaching to enable those individuals to specifically target the areas identified
• Co-ordinating and managing the specialist and assistant coaches 
• Support first grade team preparation on match days. 
• Reporting to the Cricket Committee as to the progress of the playing group including significant issues; ongoing program planning; skill deficiencies; resource issues; facility issues.
• Liaising with the Selection Committee and team captains regarding selection and player performance.
• Regular direct liaison with players regarding their progress, areas of improvement, development of plans with specific skill coaches, utilising a 360 degree feedback format. 
• Liaising with CNSW with respect to GDCC players in their programs and ensuring, where possible, that GDCC players are given opportunity to obtain higher representative honours.
• Representing GDCC, where required, at various functions, media opportunities.
• Liaising with the GDCC Junior Development area to ensure strong linkages in coaching programs and player progression from junior squads to grade cricket.

Minimum Requirements:
• It is desirable that the candidate hold Level 3 Coaching Certificate with Cricket NSW/Australia
• Relevant coaching experience at grade and/ or junior elite squads
• Ability to build high performance team culture
• Strong people management skills
• Ability to lead a sporting club through change
• Demonstrated abilities to obtain results

This is a part time, fixed term role for 3 years (subject to satisfactory performance). Remuneration for the role will be discussed with the successful candidate.

This is an exciting opportunity to put your mark on the future success of our club and its talented players.

Please direct all inquires to in the first instance or Michael Cant on 0419 422 873.

Player Application Form

Player Application Form

Harry EvansAre you thinking of joining our great Gordon club for the 2015/16 season? 

Please feel free to fill in the details below and submit the form to the GDCC if you feel you are capable of playing grade cricket in one of our teams this coming season. We will contact you shortly regarding your inquiry and when the first practice sessions will be. We look forward to having you on board this season.

With a number of sides going deep into the finals in the past few years, the club is looking forward to a strong and improved season in 2015/16.

There will be announcements soon regarding the continuation of our excellent coaches for the coming season and you can rest assured they will be the best batting and bowling coaches in the competition.

There are plenty of fantastic initiatives in place at the club. We have great playing facilities, top class grounds, a great club atmosphere both on and off the field. Take your time and have a look around the website to find out more information.

Scroll down to player application form below.


* Required
  Personal Details



  Contact Details



  Player Type



  Recent Playing Background

You may wish to include information   
on aggregate statistics and/or   
best performances etc.   

You may wish to include information   
on previous clubs and/or performances.  
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Green Shield Trials Application Form 2015/16

Green Shield Trials Application Form 2015/16

Applications to be part of the Gordon Green Shield squad for 2015/16 are now OPEN. To apply for the trials, please fill in the electronic application form below and you will receive a response shortly. 

Trials and coaching sessions for the Gordon AW Green Shield team will take place in the coming months. Gordon has been very successful in this competition, reaching the finals over the past few seasons. The club is expecting another excellent performance and hoping for strong individual and team contributions in 2015/16.

The Green Shield competition is an under 16 competition and we will be considering squad members from the under 15s and 16s only. All under 13s and 14s are selected through our Junior Development Squad.  

In the past, the trials were split into two groups and conducted over four sessions. Further details of these sessions will be made available. These sessions are not just a selection trial but an opportunity for you (your son) to receive pre-season coaching. Applicants will be notified of the session times that they will be required to attend.

Please note that to be eligible, you must be able to attend trainings in Sydney and be under the age of 16 at 01 September 2015 (i.e. born on or after 01 September 1999).

We ARE NOT considering applications from overseas, unless you are moving to Sydney for the beginning of the program. If you are not, then please do not apply. 

* Required
  Personal Details


  Contact Details


  Playing Style


  Cricketing Career
If "Yes", Please indicate in which teams you played by entering the club names in the fields below:  


  Other Information


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Feedback from the Strategy & Planning Day

Feedback from the Strategy & Planning Day

On Sunday 26th April, 19 members of the club, consisting of the club’s committee, three player representatives and other interested parties spent the day completing a Strategy & Planning Day for the club. Where, just two short months before, Mortgageport & the club combined to host our most successful golf day, Killara Golf Course was the location for the day.

This planning day was initiated by the committee in order to ensure the club has a “strategic plan” in place for the next three years. With the stepping aside of a number of our senior administrators, the retirement of our club coach Ed Howitt and, in general, relatively poor playing performances last season, it was felt this was a necessary action.

People such as Andrew Falk, Jim Cattlin & Marshall Rosen have driven our club over the past ten years and have dedicated a tremendous amount of time into the club’s success. The good news is that whilst they will be stepping back they will still be involved in the club. Ed Howitt has done an excellent job as our club coach and has presided over the coaching during a relatively strong playing performance for the club. Ed also will stay involved in the club. 

More will be spoken about each of their involvement over the coming months and we would strongly encourage you to all to attend the club’s Annual General Meeting in July where we can all thank them appropriately.

In regard to club coach we are currently going through the process of appointing our Head Coach for next season. We are currently interviewing applicants and are aiming to have our new Head Coach in place by mid-to-late May. The advertisement is on our website. If there are people you believe would be interested, please forward them the link.

We have also recently completed a “player survey” and the results have provided valuable input from a player’s perspective on what areas, as a club, we need to address.

Some of the key areas discussed on Sunday were as follows:
• Coaching Resources
• Player Retention & Recruitment
• Training Facilities & Format
• Junior Development
• Facilities (Ground & Equipment)
• Sponsorship
• Administration Structure
• Player Involvement

At the completion of the day we now have a clear view on what needs to be done, both short-term in preparation for next season and longer-term to ensure our ongoing viability.

We plan to keep all club members informed of our progress over the coming months and will be offering our players the opportunity to participate in “focus” groups over the next couple of months.

One of the key areas identified during the day was the need to have more people involved in helping run our club. Therefore I would ask everyone to consider not only yourself to assist in some area, but also approach other people (parents, former players or people who may just enjoy the camaraderie of our club) to get involved in assisting to run the club. If anyone is interested please contact me personally and we will discuss areas that we need assistance in.I look forward to staying in touch over the coming months.

Geoff Hickman

On Behalf of the Gordon DCC

Chad Soper to play for PNG in World Cup qualifiers

Chad Soper to play for PNG in World Cup qualifiers

Chad Soper1st Grade fast bowler Chad Soper has been selected in the PNG squad to travel to the Netherlands, Ireland and the U.K to participate in the T20 World Cup qualifying tournament to be held in June / July.

That's pretty wicked news. Congratulations Chad!!

As the East Asia Pacific champions, the PNG Barramundis will have a 4 day game and 2 x ODI’s against the Netherlands and 4 x T20 games against two English County clubs in the U.K in June, before travelling to Ireland in July to play against Africa, Europe, Hong Kong, Ireland, Nepal and America in the T20 World Cup qualifying tournament.

51 matches will be played by the 14 nations in the qualifiers. The top 6 nations progress to the first qualifying round of the 2016 T20 World Cup where they will meet the 9th & 10th ranked Full Members (Bangladesh and Zimbabwe).

The 2016 T20 World Cup is due to be played in India in March next year.

Fantasy League 2014/15 - Round 15 - Final results

Fantasy League 2014/15 - Round 15 - Final results

Charlie StoboThat's it. It's done and dusted. Results have been checked, double checked and locked away. The Fantasy League for 2014/15 has been run and won. And the winner is... far less important than an interesting little side bet that was running between a couple of the 1st Graders. Blaize vs Elliot. Who would take more points across the line with them? The bowler who struck form with the willow or the genuine all-rounder?

Charlie Stobo... a quite accumulator of points during the season 

Well unfortunately for one of them, a couple of issues with a particularly plentiful round has seen an adjustment to a score and a winner emerge. Claiming that runouts should count, as a desperate plea to get himself over the line, Blaize has fallen behind Elliot by the end of Round 15. As to his end of the bargain... we're not quite sure what will transpire? Perhaps something at the awards night?

Further controversy and suspicion was awash across the league when Tiddles forwarded on an email from Scott O'Brien. It claimed that a catch had incorrectly been marked down against Sam Watt, instead of Scott himself, off the bowling of Damon Livermore. We were more certain that the wicket had incorrectly been credited to Reg... but we digress... the impact of these 15 points taken away from Sam and transferred to Scott turned a 2 point victory for young Michael Roberts in the Final of the Knockout Competition to a 28 point loss to... wait for it... Tiddles.

Scott, when Michael's old enough... we think you owe him a couple of beers... as we're sure Tiddles is splitting his winnings with you!

Back to the main competition... it was Ed Howitt Jnr first, with daylight second and third. Max Newman was unlucky to fall outside the top 3 and, with that, any cash prize. Those will be doled out over the next week.

Now for some of the interesting statistics. Unsurprisingly, after such a strong start, Harry Evans scored the most amount of points for his sides, followed by the competition between Blaize and Elliot. Harry and Els had a great first half of the year, along with Chad, Tym and Axel, being the top point scorers before the Christmas transfer window.

However, unlike last year, where after Christmas Chad came home with a wet sail, it was a different story. Blaize, Pic, Els and Matthew Todd were your best transfer options! Pic's pulled that off two years in a row. Get the leather in his hands more often! As for Els... consistency in both halves of the season were rewarded with the 2nd highest overall points tally, behind his skipper.

It should come as no surprise that at $90K, Blaize was the best value for money, scoring 11.7 points per $1,000. Sam Watts (10.9), Max Newman (10.0), Max Papworth & Scott O'Brien (9.5), Els Richtor (9.2), Adam Cubbage (9.1), followed by Tristan Cooper (8.6), Axel Cahlin (8.5), Dan Stickland (8.1) and Reece Bombas (8.0) were all better value than last year's most valuable player, Harry Evans (7.8).

The final piece is to spill the beans on the winning team, with or without Ed's permission. Crawford (c), Irving-Holliday, Newman, Cubbage, Cahlin and O'Brien were all up there. Colley (Steve) and Calov were switched out for Richtor and Cooper - great plays. But the interesting thing is that the team won with Dante Otto scoring 126 points overall, and 0 after Christmas.

Below you will find the final team and player rankings.

See you next year, for Version 9!

Gordon Fantasy League Management



Rank    Team Name                                           Team Owner                                     Points
1 Mitchell Street Ed Howitt Jnr 9,272
2 Donuts XI Dave Millar 8,962
3 Hicko's Young Guns Geoff Hickman 8,900
4 Hello Newman. Hello Jerry. Max Newman 8,851
5 I have an unhealthy love for Spongebob Blaize Irving-Holliday 8,644
6 Tiddles Ultimates Tony Wilson 8,608
7 Eton Road Ed Howitt Jnr 8,598
8 Millsy's XI Nick Miller 8,532
9 Bark Collector Rob Barker 8,511
10 Lezs Loose Lads Ben Leighton 8,507
11 PC XI Pete Colley 8,407
12 Tough Ted's Team John Barker 8,401
13 Swatts XI Sam Watts 8,303
14 Legs Eleven Ed Howitt Snr 8,263
15 Frogan's Favs (2) Michael Falk 8,256
16 Lad-zio Tym Crawford 8,253
17 Hicko's Heros Geoff Hickman 8,251
18 Clint's XI Jack Clinton 8,251
19 Mac's X1 Sean McElduff 8,250
20 Turramurra Trotters Ed Howitt Snr 8,240
21 Eastern Road Ed Howitt Jnr 8,225
22 Channelling Charlie Somerville Michael Roberts 8,125
23 Come back Chilly John ONeill-Fuller 8,117
24 Katut's XI Aaron Crofts 8,081
25 Marcus' I - XI James Kennedy 8,061
26 Gilly's Ghosts Michael Donnelly 8,060
27 Que Bueno Josh Poysden 8,058
28 Jokers Sacha Cahlin 8,024
29 Tiddles Loose Ones Tony Wilson 8,012
30 Calov XI William Calov 8,002
31 Kings XI Liam McElduff 7,999
32 JOF's XI John ONeill-Fuller 7,973
33 Royal St Michael Donnelly 7,965
34 Mad Dogs XI Scott OBrien 7,927
35 Tiddles Stuyvos Tony Wilson 7,898
36 DOBS Mark Clinton 7,895
37 Sneaky's Best Pete Colley 7,850
38 Give Icky a Bowl Adam Cubbage 7,840
39 Frogan's Favs (1) Michael Falk 7,815
40 JS 2nd XI Jack Skilbeck & Stan Gaynor 7,743
41 Carroll's Crusaders Michael Donnelly 7,738
42 Wreckers XI Sean Miller 7,678
43 Happy Days Stephen Cahlin 7,653
44 You're a bus John ONeill-Fuller 7,645
45 Louis' Lemondrops Ed Howitt Snr 7,594
46 Well Driven Ed Howitt Snr 7,593
47 Mainly Lower Graders Wendy Miller 7,583
48 The Dodgey Vindaloos Anand Verma 7,485
49 Ryans XI Ryan McElduff 7,431
50 Three Stooges Ed Howitt Snr 7,377
51 The Thwackers Steve Cahlin 7,366
52 Frankie's XI Frank Colley 7,209
53 JS 3rd XI Jack Skilbeck & Stan Gaynor 6,838
54 JS 1st XI Jack Skilbeck & Stan Gaynor 6,681
55 Pommy and Pals Tom Colverd 6,537
56 Kelland's XI Nick Kelland 6,423
57 Hicko's Legends Geoff Hickman 5,923



Name                                     Before Transfer   After Transfer   Total Points
Harry Evans 770 471 1241
Elliot Richtor 588 513 1101
Blaize Irving-Holliday 503 547 1050
Adam Cubbage 457 455 912
Chad Soper 542 368 910
Max Newman 423 472 895
Tym Crawford 526 355 881
Dan Smith 503 349 852
Matthew Todd 310 479 789
Anthony Sherman 240 543 783
Samuel Watts 341 422 763
Max Papworth 434 327 761
Scott O'Brien 295 464 759
Steve Colley 430 327 757
Andrew Coleman 446 301 747
Reece Bombas 345 373 718
Axel Cahlin 523 160 683
Dan Stickland 311 337 648
Charlie Stobo 434 209 643
Iain Beverley 356 283 639
Josh Poysden 327 292 619
James Kennedy 435 180 615
Tristan Cooper 289 312 601
Anand Verma 335 254 589
Nick Miller 247 335 582
Jack Skilbeck 252 328 580
Damon Livermore 154 411 565
Pat Effeney 224 325 549
Nick McMurray 222 326 548
Chris Spratt 233 305 538
Rob Barker 291 239 530
Matt Keevers 350 179 529
David Monaghan 164 361 525
Cameron Eccles 193 314 507
Shayne Lin 170 304 474
Mitch Kleem 193 277 470
Ben Leighton 219 249 468
Tom Carruthers 236 231 467
Reagan Klemt 220 229 449
Iqbal Ahmed 153 284 437
Aaron Crofts 174 242 416
Darren Jayasekara 237 157 394
Jack Colley 163 228 391
Liam McElduff 185 201 386
Patrick Rice 181 197 378
Matt Keane 176 200 376
Kris Colley 203 172 375
Andrew Crosland 295 68 363
Stan Gaynor 144 208 352
Saahil Turki 195 156 351
Will Calov 333 0 333
Michael Strauss 111 163 274
Tjaard Tait 228 25 253
Tim Fulton 72 174 246
Adrian Craig 145 83 228
John O'Neill Fuller 116 79 195
Matt Chamberlain 80 98 178
Dom Thomson 0 163 163
Tim Ferrero 0 158 158
Harry Middlebrook 156 0 156
Michael Roberts 43 107 150
Dante Otto 128 0 128
Jack Clinton 84 43 127
Corbin Edgar 0 105 105
Nick Fagan 89 0 89
Stuart Bromley 84 0 84
Richard Armour 75 0 75
Scott Burkinshaw 64 0 64
Ben Parker 41 12 53
Tom Colverd 40 0 40
Dylan Hood 0 30 30
Lachlan Stewart 0 15 15
Ryan McElduff 14 0 14
David Leiboff 11 0 11
James Campbell 3 0 3
Michael Falk 0 1 1



Results from Round 15 - The Final - Winner in Bold

Ranking     Team Name                                              Round 15 Points  
22     Channelling Charlie Somerville            398
29 Tiddles Loose Ones 426

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