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New President Acceptance Speech

New President Acceptance Speech

The GDCC held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 30th July and was well attended by club players and supporters who included both the Majors of Willoughby and Ku-ring-gai who accepted their continuing roles as Patrons of the Club along with Ian Carroll.

The incoming President Geoff Hickman accepted his new role with the following address.

President’s Acceptance Speech – 30th July 2015

It is with great honour I accept the club’s nomination of President of Gordon District Cricket Club. The club has a great history that spans 110 seasons and crosses two world wars, wars that our club has had an intimate association with through our players and their sacrifices during these periods. This association has been impressively brought to us over the past ten years by the work done by Paul Stephenson. This was highlighted in March this year when our club hosted a “United We Stand” Ceremony at Chatswood Oval for the centenary of the landing at Gallipoli in World War One and the role our members played in that war.

This is a history that should never be forgotten, and we the current generation of administrators and players owe it to all the club’s past members to keep this great club strong and vibrant as we face the challenges that confront us now and into the future.

I have noted that I will be the 15th President of the club over this 110 year period, an amazing statistic that further highlights to me the great responsibility I have taken on. For those who know me well, you will know that I will always do the very best I can for the club and will hopefully lead a team of players, administrators and friends of the club to continue the great work done by the people before me. I will always strive to continue the development of the club, through leadership, co-operation and hard work.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing President Andrew Falk for the work he has undertaken over the past 15 years, seven years as Secretary and the past eight as President. He has led the club admirably in a period where we have had considerable on-field success, a stable financial position and administrative strength. Also I would like to thank Jim Cattlin, Falky’s right hand man who has supported him over the past eight years and has been the key person within the “engine room” ensuring we get on the field every weekend. I am pleased to advise that whilst both will be stepping down they will still be involved in the running of the club. Andrew will lead our Administration team as well as remaining the delegate to the Sydney Cricket Association, where he also holds the position of Chairman. Jim will retain his role as Secretary in a much reduced role.

At the completion of last season, we held a Strategy Day to map out the directions that our club needs to take over the next three to five years to achieve our agreed goal “to be Sydney’s premier grade cricket club renowned for positive culture and spirit of camaraderie, competitive player performance and development (tough respected competitor that never gives up), excellent grounds and facilities and active community involvement.

One of the key factors in order to position our club to achieve these goals was to put a structure in place that would ensure we have focus in key areas. Whilst we never appear to have a problem with players wanting to play for our club, we do not have enough “volunteers” to manage the increasing responsibilities involved in running a grade cricket club. It is critical to increase our “volunteer” base and spread the load so that those loyal volunteers stay invigorated and enthusiastic in their roles.

I am proud to say we now have put in place a quality executive team that will ensure focus in the key areas. I am looking forward to working with them and all the other club volunteers and players to implement the strategies that have been developed. The team is:

  • Andrew Falk – Administration
  • Marshall Rosen – Senior Vice President and mentor
  • Michael Cant – Cricket
  • Geoff Keevers – Finance
  • Sean McElduff – Facilities
  • Peter Klemt – Commercial
  • Tony Middlebrook – Operations
  • Paul Stephenson – Communications


This team has been working very hard over the past four months and some of the achievements to date follow. I would like to acknowledge that some of these were put in place by our outgoing committee:

  • Finalisation of our club coaching team for 2015/16 following the retirement of Ed Howitt. We are very excited and pleased that Trevor Chappell has come on board as our Head Coach and with our existing specialist coaches will provide a fountain of knowledge and experience for our young playing group.
  • Recruitment of Will Smith as our “senior” professional player for the coming season replacing Harry Evans who we all hope will go onto play 1st class cricket in Australia this coming season.
  • Finalisation and installation of a new net practice system for Chatswood Oval, which will benefit both the men’s and women’s club next season. This has been partially funded from a grant by McDonalds through Cricket NSW which we are very grateful for.
  • Finalisation and installation of an electronic scoreboard at Chatswood Oval, thanks primarily to a grant from the Department of Family and Community Services (NSW Government)
  • Appointment of our new club captain Tym Crawford for the coming season and also appointment of a players committee to ensure better communications between players and administrators and also the Women’s club.
  • The ongoing development of the newly formed Gordon Cricket Academy, who will continue to grow this season and also take on responsibility for our “entry” point In2Cricket program.
  • Active recruitment of “volunteers”, who have put up their hand to help this season in the various functions of running our club. Much thanks to Tony Wilson for driving this initiative.


My key goal is to help the club achieve the goals we set ourselves in April, work closely with our affiliates and stakeholders, the Junior Club, the Women’s Club, Willoughby & Ku-ring-gai Councils, Sydney Cricket Association and Cricket NSW to build our relationships and support of each other.

As a club we have a proud history, strong junior development squads, a group of committed players who have talent and the ability to take our club to the next level. By working together we can achieve all the goals we have set ourselves. I look forward to the challenges ahead.

Geoff Hickman - President

Player Application Form

Player Application Form

Harry EvansAre you thinking of joining our great Gordon club for the 2015/16 season? 

Please feel free to fill in the details below and submit the form to the GDCC if you feel you are capable of playing grade cricket in one of our teams this coming season. We will contact you shortly regarding your inquiry and when the first practice sessions will be. We look forward to having you on board this season.

With a number of sides going deep into the finals in the past few years, the club is looking forward to a strong and improved season in 2015/16.

There will be announcements soon regarding the continuation of our excellent coaches for the coming season and you can rest assured they will be the best batting and bowling coaches in the competition.

There are plenty of fantastic initiatives in place at the club. We have great playing facilities, top class grounds, a great club atmosphere both on and off the field. Take your time and have a look around the website to find out more information.

Scroll down to player application form below.


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  Player Type



  Recent Playing Background

You may wish to include information   
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Pre-season training - August & September

Pre-season training - August & September

Deva & MaxTraining will begin on Sunday 2nd August @ Riverview - All details are below.

UPDATE: Riverview has informed us that we will have the practice facility next to the Gartlan Indoor Centre rather than the Regis Nets (Playing fields No 2.) We will be in the Senior School NOT the junior school. Access is through the main gate which is on Tambourine Bay Road.

The practice facility is about 400m past the main oval. There is a large building (The Gartlan Indoor Centre) on the left with a car park. The facility is situated on the South East end of the Gartlan Indoor Centre. The facility has 5 nets and was resurfaced about the same time as the Regis Nets.

Training commences at 1pm and goes through until 4:30pm @ Practice facility next to the Gartlan Indoor Centre (No sprigs!!). Located through the main gate off Tambourine Bay Road.

To gain more quality time for a shorter session we have split the groups into: 
Session 1: (1:00 - 3:00pm) - All players that finished 2014/15 playing 4th Grade or lower. 
Session 2: (2.30 - 4:30pm) - All players that finished 2014/15 playing 3rd Grade and higher. 
All new players please come to the earlier session, unless otherwise advised.

Similar sessions will be conducted on 9th, 16th. 23rd & 30th August. You are required to attend each pre-season practice.

Then in September: we move to Chatswood Oval turf nets - as well as mid-week training (4pm with lights).

Tuesday 1st & Thursday 3rd – Chatswood Oval turf nets from 4pm.

Each Tuesday & Thursday afterwards, training will continue at Chatswood Oval from 4pm.

Saturday 5th,12th & 19th – Chatswood Oval nets 8.30am – 12pm

Sat 12th & Sun 13th centre wicket and trial games Killara Oval 8.30am – 5pm – TBC.
Sat 19th – Centre wicket and trial game 8.30am – 5pm Killara – TBC. 
Sun 20th – 1st grade trial v Easts Killara 8.30am – 4.30pm – TBC.

Then, on 26th September, Round 1 starts in earnest.

Cattlin & Stephenson present...

Cattlin & Stephenson present...

Victor TrumperAs the club continues to document its rich history in amongst the Chatswood community, Paul Stephenson and Jim Cattlin with be holding a presentation on Trumper & Macartney and the impact of World War I on GDCC.

The presentation will be at the Willoughby Library between 2-3pm on Saturday, August 15 as part of the Council's celebrations of 150 years of history.

On 28 June 1915, Victor Trumper, one of the world‘s greatest cricketers, died aged 37. Despite the turmoil of WWI, his premature death sent shockwaves throughout the cricketing world. Jim Cattlin and Paul Stephenson from the Gordon District Cricket Club will examine the formative days of the Club, the devastating toll of the Great War and the formidable legacies of Victor Trumper and Charles Macartney. 

Bookings are online at

Download the poster here.

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What's Will been up to over at Clitheroe?

What's Will been up to over at Clitheroe?

Will Calov

It’s been a while since we’ve featured one of our locals in the overseas leagues. In fact, we’ve heard very little from Dan Smith, Charlie Stobo, Jack Colley, Tahmid Islam or Harry Middlebrook this winter. Perhaps that’s because Will Calov’s efforts at Clitheroe have put all of theirs in the shade.

Will has played only 6 games for his UK Club and was promoted after taking 8 wickets at 16.6 in his first three games for the 2nd XI. Since his promotion to the 1st XI, he has taken 18 wickets at 7.3 in the next three matches. In each, he’s taken 5-fors, with figures of 6/54, 7/25 and 5/52 in the most recent match.

Apparently it’s pretty tough to lay bat on ball to young Will, with over 50% of his wickets rattling the woodwork behind the batsmen. And when things go well for you, they tend to in all departments. In his three digs in the top grade, he’s averaging 53, with a highest score of 61. Consistency appears to be the name of Will’s game at the moment. 

Clearly loving his cricket – and why wouldn’t you be! – we look forward to Will’s contributions to the grade sides during 2015/16.

Trevor Chappell confirmed as Gordon Club Coach for 2015-16 season

Trevor Chappell confirmed as Gordon Club Coach for 2015-16 season

The club is pleased to announce the appointment of Trevor Chappell as Head coach for the 2015-16 season. Trevor comes to the club with a combination of high level coaching experience, plus being a past Gordon player and very successful first class cricketer.

Gordon's new coach Trevor Chappell

Trevor played three Tests for Australia and twenty One Day Internationals highlighted by a score of 110 against India in the 1983 World Cup. He also played 88 First Class matches scoring 4,049 runs and taking 59 wickets. Trevor also participated in World Series Cricket playing in four matches for Australia against the West Indies team in the West Indies.    

Trevor’s career at Gordon was affected by his representative commitments however he played for five seasons from 1979 to 1984 scoring 1,095 runs at 35.42 and taking 32 wickets at 23.91. He also comes with a strong international coaching background having been the national coach at Bangladesh and fielding coach at Sri Lanka.Trevor was also a brilliant cover fieldsman and with his all-round cricket expertise will bring a strong skill set to the coaching role at Gordon.

Mark O’Neill will be the Club batting coach, combining his very successful Mt Kuringai sessions with one day per week at Chatswood training. These have proved very successful for all players with the younger bats already showing they will be a force this season.

Julian Stephenson will also act as an assistant coach at training sessions, particularly helping the bowlers in all grades and providing fitness training. Former Test and Gordon player Matt Nicholson will also attend some sessions on an ad- hoc basis.

With these appointments the club is looking forward to an excellent season with Will Smith joining us for England and our established players (with the exception of Harry Evans who is going to Tasmania) returning to provide experience for our exciting youngsters who are now ready to take up the challenge.

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