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Gordon Cricket Academy Goes Public

Gordon Cricket Academy Goes Public

Coaching now available to all cricketers.

In a major development for the club after 12 years of providing coaching to various high performance squads with the Gordon District Cricket Club (GDCC), the club is now making the same coaching services available to all cricketers.

Mark O'Neill Head Coach

To ensure the highest level of coaching is available to all cricketers, the GDCC have contracted our Head Coach Mark O’Neill to allow us to utilise his widely acclaimed batting and spin bowling coaching techniques for all sessions or programs set up by the new Academy. To achieve this Mark has licensed his techniques to the Academy and has set up an accreditation program where each of our Academy coaches are accredited by Mark to teach his techniques to our own Tier 1, 2 and 3 levels. Mark is the personal coach today of several Australian Test cricketers and his experience includes being contracted batting coach to New Zealand, Middlesex, Western Australia, New South Wales and as a high performance squad coach to Cricket Australia.

The philosophy of Mark’s batting technique in particular has always been that the skills taught to the junior cricketer should be the same as taught to a Test Cricketer. The concepts of grip, balance and execution in batting should be same and while natural ability and capability to adapt will always differ, the Academy Tier 1, 2 or 3 level coaches can provide you with the skills background irrespective of your age and existing abilities. Mark has also added his vast knowledge of spin bowling to the accreditation system to enable our spinning coaches.

Matt Nicholson

In addition former Australian, NSW and English County fast bowler Matt Nicholson has documented his fast bowling techniques and has passed on these skills within our accreditation program to our fast bowling specialist coaches at Tier 1 and 2 levels.

Our first grade wicket keeper Iain Beverley is also available on the coaching panel for expert wicket keeping technique sessions.

Based on various availabilities the new Academy now has 25 qualified coaches contracted to deliver the range of Academy services.

The services range from an hour session with a nominated coach at a venue of your choice either as an individual or in a group of two or more players at the session. The Academy pricing is geared to make the coaching cheaper by grouping players but still giving them a high level of individual coverage by them watching and listening to their fellow players as they are coached.

In addition the Academy will configure a team coaching service and group skills sessions for higher numbers of players. Specific fielding sessions with a qualified fielding coach and holiday camps are also being planned for the next available holidays.

Fitness training

As an additional value added service, the Academy have contracted two qualified personal trainers who are both current or former Gordon cricketers who will be available to provide personal strength and conditioning sessions for individuals or groups. The techniques used by these trainers have been established as specific techniques for developing each type of cricketer with different methods for batsman, fast bowlers, spinners and keepers.

The Academy will use the Mt. Kuring-gai Action Indoor centre as our base indoor facility, however our coaches are happy to work outdoor or at other centres that are closer to the player or group of players. Very importantly this also includes the central coast where we have established arrangements with several indoor centres.

The Academy coaches, list of services, pricing, bookings, contacts and payment  are described within the various sub-sections of this site.

Added service (video)

As a value added service for Academy sessions. For each individual or small group one hour indoor sessions, the Academy coach will record the session via a specific purpose video camera. Players will be asked to bring along a memory stick to take home the recording. The Academy also has play back screens that will be used to show players the result of the recording to better explain any improvements or show where improvements have been gained. 

The goals of the Academy are to provide all of its clients irrespective of their age, level of cricket or budget, a qualified coach that can assist them to become better cricketers through fitness, technique, attitude and skill development.

Contact the Academy Administrator James kennedy on 0437407896 or follow the links within the Academy section on the left to gather more information or click on

Pre-season trial games - Teams announced

Pre-season trial games - Teams announced

Kenedy celebrates a wicketAfter a number of difficult sessions, due to the inclement weather, the selectors have finalised their squads for next weekend's matches. There are trial matches on Saturday and Sunday (Lower Grades and 1st Grade squad respectively) and centrewickets on the Saturday. The teams are as follows:

1st Grade v Easts. Sun 21st at Killara Oval @ 9.30am 

1) Iain Beverley (captain) 2) Steve Colley 3) Cam Eccles 4) Reece Bombas 5) Tym Crawford 6) Elliot Richtor 7) Jack Colley 8) Dan Smith 9) Chad Soper 10) James Kennedy 11) Anand Verma 12) Scott Burkinshaw 13) Nick McMurray. 
Unavailable: 1) Harry Evans - UK 2) Josh Poysden - UK,

Lower Grades v Easts. Sat 20th at Turramurra Oval @ 9.30am 

1) Shayne Lin (captain w-k) 2) Tom Carruthers 3) Nick Fagan 4) Saahil Turki 5) Matt Chamberlain 6) Andrew Crosland 7) Aaron Crofts 8) Rob Barker 9) Liam Cole 10) Harry Middlebrook 11) Will Calov 12) Matt Keevers 13) Sam Watts. 

Centre wicket trials. Sat 20th at Killara Oval - Michael Falk aiming to run the sessions 

8.45am - 12 noon

1) Kris Colley 2) Liam McElduff 3) Axel Cahlin 4) Reagan Klemt 5) Darren Jayasekera 6) Damon Livermore (captain) 7) Nick Miller 8) Adam Cubbage 9) Max Newman (w/k) 10) Max Papworth (share keeping) 11) Charlie Stobo 12) Jack Skilbeck 13) Blaize Irving- Holliday 14) Dan Stickland.

12.45pm - 4pm 

1) Stan Gaynor 2) Adrian Craig 3) Mitch Kleem 4) Michael Roberts (keeper) 5) Tristan Cooper (captain) 6) John 0'Neill-Fuller 7) Jack Clinton 8) Dante Otto 9) Patrick Rice 10) Ben Leighton 11) Iqbal Ahmed 12) Tristan Mears 13) Paddy Effeney 14) Matt Keane 15) James Woolfe 16) Matt Todd 
If possible we urge this afternoon group to attend Sat morning practice at Chatswood as well.


1) Chris Spratt UK 2) Tom Colverd UK 3) Andrew Coleman 4) Tim Fulton 5) Jason Russell-Jones 6) Lachie Mactier 7) Michael Strauss - SA 8) Lachlan Stewart - Uk 9) Jordan Farrell - UK
plus the injured 10) Corbin Edgar
and 11) Dom Thomson 12) James Kidd 13) Scott O'Brien 14) Anthony Sherman 15) James Campbell 16) Tjaard Tait

Chatswood Oval practice Sat 20th 8.45am to 12 noon 

Normal practice continues this Sat at Chatswood as well and everyone that is not involved in the Sat games, naturally must attend. Those not picked in above, we want to see you at Chatswood on Sat morning.

We purposely did not include the School players in these trials, however will be aiming to pick them for Rounds 1- 2 if available.

Cheers Tony W - on behalf of the selectors

Player Registration Form 2014/15

Player Registration Form 2014/15

At the GDCC, we try to do everything online, making it as easy as possible for our players. Therefore, registration is online version to make it quicker for you to complete all the details. Every player must complete this form to be registered to play for the Gordon District Cricket Club.

If you are a new player, and haven't completed the New Player Form, click here and then please wait to hear back from the club officials before filling in this form.

This form is not for the junior club. Please see their website for rego details.

If you have already registered and wish to pay your subs, follow this link to pay online now

In completing this form, you hereby -

(a) apply for registration with the Sydney Cricket Association to represent Gordon District Cricket Club (the "Club") in the Grade, Shires or Women's competition;

(b) declare that you have obtained permission from the Sydney Cricket Association to represent Gordon District Cricket Club, if you have represented any other Grade or Shires club previously this season;

(c) undertake and agree that you will not hold Gordon District Cricket Club or the Sydney Cricket Association responsible for any injury or accident you may suffer as a result of taking part in a match, or attending practice activities conducted by the club and that you will not make any claim or take any action against the club or the Sydney Cricket Association to recover any loss or expense incurred by you as a result of any such injury or accident;

(d) acknowledge that you understand and accept the Sydney Cricket Association Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it;

(e) declare that you are under no outstanding financial obligation to any previous club, and are not currently listed with the NSW Cricket Association as a defaulter to any affiliate of the NSWCA; and

(f) declare that you have advised the club officials if you are not an Australian citizen.

Privacy Policy: Your registration information WILL NOT be provided to any third party for any purpose. This information is for the purpose of processing your participation insurance, maintaining participant records for the purposes of resource allocation, facility development and providing you with information on fixtures, competitions and special offers.

If you wish to access or correct your information at any time, please contact


* Required
Personal Details




Contact Details


Additional Information


Captcha Image



2014/15 Pre-Season Training details

2014/15 Pre-Season Training details

Damon LivermoreThe Pre-season is well underway, but unfortunately the weather hasn't been kind. There is still time to get everyone in their best form possible so check out the information below and come along to the sessions. 

One of Gordon's most prolific run-scorers, Damon Livermore 

To gain more quality time for all players, we've split our initial pre-season sessions into two groups. Session 1 is for all players that finished playing 4th Grade and lower. They will participate in the earlier session times below. Session 2 is for all players that finished playing 3rd Grade or higher and they will participate in the later session. All new players please come to the earlier session, unless otherwise advised.

  • Sunday 10th August: Session 1 @ 1pm - 3pm. Session 2 @ 2.30pm - 4.30pm
  • Sunday 17th August: Session 1 @ 1pm - 3pm. Session 2 @ 2.30pm - 4.30pm
  • Sunday 24th August: Session 1 @ 1pm - 3pm. Session 2 @ 2.30pm - 4.30pm
  • Sunday 31th August: Session 1 @ 1pm - 3pm. Session 2 @ 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Riverview Junior School grounds is the location for these initial sessions and their website is here: Turn right before you enter the main school gate on Riverview Rd and then the grounds are located approximately 800m up on the right, with parking in College St South or off Riverview Rd. All nets are synthetic, thus no sprigs.

After these sessions, we move to Chatswood Oval, with turf decks and combine both sessions into one. The times for these sessions are as follows:

  • Saturday 6th September @ 8:45am - 12 noon
  • Saturday 13th September @ 8:45am - 12 noon
  • Saturday 20th September @ 8:45am - 12 noon

At the same time, we begin our regular mid-week practices at Chatswood. The times for these sessions are as follows:

  • Thursday 4th September and Tuesday 9th September from 4pm
  • Every Tuesday/Thursday until end of March 2015, with 4.30pm start in daylight savings

Along with these sessions, there will also be some trial games as detailed below. But before we get that far, we've two important announcements.
Firstly, if you haven't yet downloaded our mobile app, then follow this link to do so. And get on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter as well.
Also, we're looking for someone to assist in maintaining our online presence. Can you help? Email

So, our trial matches are listed below:

  • Saturday 13th September @ Killara Oval. Green Shield trial @ 12 noon - TBC
  • Sunday 14th September @ Killara Oval. Grade trial @ 10am - TBC
  • Saturday 20th September@ Killara Oval. Higher Grade centre wicket @ 8.30am.
  • Saturday 20th September @ Killara Oval. Trial game @ 12 noon.
  • Sunday 21st September @ Killara Oval. 1st Grade trial game @ 9:30am.
  • Sunday 21st September @ Beauchamp or Turramurra. Lower Grade trial @ 9:30am - TBC.

And the date you've all been waiting to add to your calendars, Round 1 commences Saturday 27th September. As usual, the day of the AFL Grand Final.

Let's get 2014/15 off to a flying start

Tony Wilson

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Marshall Rosen awarded Life Membership to Cricket NSW

Marshall Rosen awarded Life Membership to Cricket NSW

On Monday night, alongside Cricket NSW’s former Chief Executive, Marshall Rosen was bestowed the honour of Life Membership at the Annual General Meeting of Cricket NSW.

To anyone that knows Marshall, it doesn’t come as a surprise that his commitment to NSW Cricket, both as a player and administrator, has spanned over 50 years.

Marshall Rosen, alongside Cricket NSW Chairman John Warn, received Life Membership on Monday night

Although Cricket NSW reported that Marshall “played for the Gordon District Cricket Club between 1963 and 1978” we have it on good authority that it was actually in the 1960/61 season when he played his first game for the club – a solitary game in 4th Grade. Our records also show that he played three 1st Grade games in the 1979/80 season, giving him a career at the club that spanned 20 seasons!

Renowned for his work with the willow, Marshall had 228 innings for the club, compiling 6,754 runs with an average of 34.81, with 5,662 of these being in 1st Grade. His highest score was 168*, which was one of 14 centuries along with 31 fifties. An interesting fact at his time at the club was that he managed to score two centuries in five consecutive seasons in 1st Grade. These were in the 1971/72 – 1975/76 seasons.

Back in 1974, Marshall whips one through the legside for NSW 

However, Marshall’s bowling was also very impressive, with 170 wickets at 19.56, with 155 of these being taken in 1st Grade.

Cricket NSW reported that, as a NSW representative, he played 21 First Class matches between 1971 and 1976, scoring 1220 runs at an average of 30.50. They didn’t make mention of any bowling efforts during the presentation.

Having retired from playing to make way for his son, Brett, Marshall is currently one of the key administrators of the club, having also previously served as a selector and held a number of positions at the club, including Senior Vice President, Chairman of the Cricket Committee and Chairman of Selectors.

Marshall is currently entering his ninth year as a Director on the Cricket NSW board, while also having served as a delegate for the club to the SCA and NSWCA. Marshall was also a State Selector for a decade from 2002.

A younger Marshall Rosen  

Current Cricket NSW Chairman John Warn felt that Life Membership was a worthy recognition of this outstanding individual, saying that “Marshall [has] made a major contribution to the history of Cricket NSW… Marshall has given a major part of his life to Cricket NSW. From his days as a NSW player, his great work with the Gordon Cricket Club through to his ongoing role as a Cricket NSW Board Director, he should be commended for the way he has given his time over a great number of years to help benefit cricket through a number of vital roles.

We here at the GDCC couldn’t agree more. 

Congratulations Marshall – a very worthy recipient.


Gordon supporters - We want your snaps!

Gordon supporters - We want your snaps!

SprattyOne of the things that we believe keeps this website interesting is the publication of current photos alongside the match reports. This isn't easy to do every week and it often involves Paul Stephenson and Tony Wilson driving all over Sydney, poking their lenses our of the car window in the attempt to catch 'Spatty' on the hook, 'Rinny' on the drive or 'JK' knocking back off-stump.

We're not sure if this was a hook or just a strong-arm through the legside... but beautiful by Chris Spratt nonetheless 

We’d love any of our supporters that may budding photographers to snap a few photos if they are attending the matches – this includes any ‘close ups’ on mobile phones (such as player(s) walking off the field etc). 

We use ‘Dropbox’ to share our photos (where possible) – and can send an invitation to anyone that drops a message to In fact, we'd love to extend the invitation to you as it gives us greater 'cloud' storage of our photos. So anyone that is willing to set up an account... please drop us an email. Once the invitation is sent, we can help set up the account and then “share” folders for you to upload photos. The program is really easy to use and you can also syncronise the program with an individual folder on your desktop, so it does the uploading and downloading yourself.

Obviously, there is also a Dropbox app for you to use if you are taking photos on your iPad or iPhone.

Anyone can send photos to if Dropbox doesn’t work for them.

In terms of the photos themselves, we’d love some identification on these – the players’ names (as appropriate) – either in the file name or in an accompanying reference document / email / text message. That'd be a massive help for any of the webmaster's assistants. Just remember that, for any photos submitted, we do reserve the right to edit these (crop / resize etc) and then use these for any purpose on the Gordon website. We will also try to acknowledge your assistance where ever practical.


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